Homemade moisturizing cream for the face

Crema hidratante casera para el rostro
Our face is perhaps the part that more care required since is more exposed to the environmental factors, pollution, wind and Sun can cause damage and dryness.
For this reason it is very important to keep the skin hydrated and for this purpose we must use some creams, the ideal is that they are natural, i.e. prepared in our home and very economic and easy-to-obtain ingredients.

Moisturising cream

Homemade moisturizer is fairly easy to prepare, with ingredients suitable for keeping fresh, radiant skin and a very youthful appearance.

Ingredients to prepare the cream

  • Half a cup of avocado oil
  • Half a cup of almond oil
  • Half a cup of beeswax
  • Three capsules of vitamin E
  • Rose essential oil

Asadores mode

In a container right should combine with almond oil avocado oil and add beeswax, put heat to simmer and it is stirring with a wooden spoon until everything is well mixed. Then he retires from the fire and keep beating until it cools.
When mixture is completely cool add you three capsules of vitamin E, then added a few drops of rose essential oil and stir everything very well.
To preserve this preparation should keep in a plastic vial and shake it for five or ten seconds until combined well.
Should be stored in a cool, dark place also not more than 30 days must be retained.
After the first application, it will be better to keep it refrigerated.

Mode of applying this cream

The timing for the application of this cream on the face is when you just get out of the shower skin has enough moisture to receive very good moisturizer.
At the time of application you must gently in a circular motion and upward; This cream must apply both to the face as in the neck, it won't need to be removed to apply makeup can leave to act throughout the day, but if anything you feel heavy or high gloss skin by oils, let it act for about ten minutes and then it you can remove with a handkerchief she bound and apply your makeup in a normal manner.
With the constant use of this cream prepared at home can significantly reduce the dryness of your skin and look rejuvenated and well moisturized face.
You should also not forget that not only creams remain hydrated skin, most importantly, hydrated from the inside of your body, this can get him eating a proper amount of fluids, preferably water; what normally experts recommend are eight glasses of water a day, also consume one or two fruits in this way and with the help of the moisturising cream that we learned to prepare the skin will be always fresh and clean.
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