Tips to prevent premature gray hair naturally

Tips para prevenir las canas prematuras naturalmente
There are men and women who from well young start to have rods, which notoriously ages his appearance and can even affect them psychologically.
In this article we give you some home and natural remedies as well as feeding tips to prevent premature gray hair or delay them as much as possible.
Although there may be a genetic component that condition precocity in the onset of gray hair that does not mean that we do not resort to natural remedies to delay it as much as possible and pass benefit to our body, since we must not forget that reeds can be pointing to a nutritional deficit or malfunction of an organ problem , as we will see in this article, mainly when they appear prematurely.

A nutritious diet

Feed does not nourish us, and one of the causes of gray hair is the lack of nutrients that really provide us with minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, among others. In our diet should not miss the raw fruits and vegetables, and cooked, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, oily fish, egg, etc.
A balanced diet is the best way to prevent not only the canes but any disease.
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Reduce salt intake

Some studies have linked the appearance of gray with an overconsumption of salt or salty foods (precooked, potato chips and other snacks, meats, etc.), so the first step will be reduce or avoid the consumption of salt, especially of common salt or table salt. The little salt that we consume will be de sal marina or salt, and try to get used to our palate to dispense with salt, which will have to be progressive, since it is similar to an addiction.
We help you condiments, vinegar or garlic to enhance the flavor of foods. You can also try to salt some dishes with sea water, which we can buy some dietary, organic food stores and some supermarkets.
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Care for the liver and gallbladder

According to traditional Chinese medicine, hair is closely related to the health of the liver and gallbladder, and rods could be a symptom that these organs are not working correctly. To balance this part we can take infusions of herbal bitter as the thistle, the artichoke, boldo and dandelion.


Alfalfa is an excellent medicinal food that will help us prevent gray hair. Is rich in proteins, vitamins (vitamin A, B, E and K) and minerals (calcium, iron).
This plant helps to purify the liver, kidney and lung, so has very complete detoxifying functions. We can eat alfalfa in the shape of germinated seeds, natural juice or supplement.
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Parsley is a plant that has numerous properties for health and specifically forhair. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and gives us a lot of iron.
We must eat it fresh, adding it as a condiment for crude oil to our daily dishes either including it in our natural juices. We can also take it in tea.
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Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a plant medicine that helps us to oxygenate the extremities, so it is very useful in circulation, concentration, memory problems... and in premature graying, as helps improve circulation in the entire head.
We will take it in infusion or tablets, but for a period not exceeding three months. After three months of rest, we can repeat the treatment.

Capillary massage

There is a simple exercise that will help us to improve the health of our hair and avoid early rods. It consists of massage for all scalp. We will have to press slightly, because that is not pet or comb, but move the scalp, an area that tends to be fairly rigid and have little mobility.
We will make circles, covering the entire head. We'll do it for 5 minutes to get up in the morning and before going to bed.
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