Hair with volume, how to get it?

Pelo con volumen, ¿Cómo conseguirlo?
One of the concerns of many women is to get a hair with volume. Many times, the genetics is not generous with nosotr@s, and hair can be one of these occasions. Some women and men have very bulky hair, and it requires specific cuts to avoid excessive volume. Other people, do not have much hair and what they want is to appear more volume than actually possess.
A quite simple and with good result, technique is mix in a cup or container, your usual shampoo with a similar amount of vodka. To test you don't have to mix the entire, with a little is enough.
After wash you the hair as you usually do, you must rinse as usual, and dry it in the same way as always.
On the other hand, choose a haircut according to your type of hair, own hair and healthy food are fundamental to get the hair you wish. In future articles will deal more in depth this issue, while any questions, have our Facebook page.
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