A Basic Routine for you Skin

Una rutina de belleza básica para tu piel

The mirror is our ally although morning some days, it seems that it insists on reminding us the slow passing of the days. The mirror is the best way to be honest us with us same would have appeared some slight wrinkles?, do our lines of expression became more expressive? Take the passage of time and work to keep us is, is the best thing we can do for our skin care.

Our skin's skin is important, and apart from benefit a variety of makeup that can, Yes to, lower, and perhaps to conceal small imperfections; Admittedly the best makeup deserves healthy skin so that we can present our face which artists in the best of the paintings.

Our beauty routines tend to be basic, few women are taken seriously the skin care of the skin so sensitive and exposed to the elements and the passage of time. Today, we suggest a routine beauty basic skin, that will allow you to maintain a smooth and healthy skin, resist UV damage. No one said that the lines of expression should be ashamed, after all, they are total proof that we laughed and we cried, none of the other world, the live nothing else.

But lines are distorted by the lack of moisture and turn into a premature aging that no woman wants to face, so we want to you to convert this routine on the most important, to make you feel wonderful, so your skin is in good condition and look fabulous.

Maximum cutis, skin cleaning when we maquillamos we deal with use creams to makeup us and have as a rule do not go to bed with makeup since. If you've done that once, are attempting in a cruel manner with your skin. You should always clean the skin before going to sleep, you makeup or not. Wash with SOAP and water at room temperature. This routine must repeat early when, at night, our skin has regenerated.

Deep exfoliation wash skin daily it is basic but clean it thoroughly is also necessary. It must be well exfoliate your skin by applying us a little yogurt mixed with a few grains of sugar, and applied with a cotton swab remove dead cells and accumulated debris. Wash with SOAP and water. Do this twice a week, you get rid of acne, blackheads and pimples.

Nourish the skin to the maximum, it is true that you must never cease to apply moisturizer on your skin, to going to sleep, before makeup, that provides moisture that prevents safe road dryness to wrinkles. But you have to nourish it always, either by applying a papaya mask once a week or applying a nourishing cream. If you tilt by papaya, short mature into small slices and let papaya skin on half an hour before going to bed, clean with water, without using SOAP, let the skin rest and eat... the results? Fabulous. But consistency is the basis of success, make it part of your daily routine.

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