Gelatin, the best ally for your joints

Regular consumption of gelatine helps us to strengthen our bones, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments due to his contribution of collagen
Gelatina, la mejor aliada para tus articulaciones
Gelatin is in fashion, whether it's for our health or our beauty. Takes care of our teeth, bones, do not have cholesterol or fat and combines with lots of dishes. It is tasty and I like big and small, but did you know that it is also a wonderful ally to take care of your joints?

Benefits of gelatine for joints

Gelatina casera
  • Gelatin derived from the grenetina. It goes almost unnoticed in our palate, but it gives us a feeling of freshness as easy to digest as eating. And that Yes, the benefits it conveys are innumerable.
  • The most remarkable thing is that you gelatin, is basically a pure protein obtained by extracting and processing the collagen of the skin and bone tissue of animal origin. It contains 90% protein, 2% mineral salts and the rest is water.
  • Gelatin, stands as a very successful therapeutic way to care for and restore our joints, thanks to their faculty to synthesize collagen in the body. In addition and as a result, it allows us to strengthen our fingernails, our hair and our teeth. Your quantity adequate fluoride allows us, for its part, take care of our enamel avoiding the appearance of tooth decay. Simply magnificent.
  • Gelatin, also takes care of disorders of connective tissue such as osteoarthritis, reducing inflammation, primarily by its ability to regenerate cartilage of the joints.
  • This food also has an amino acid known as "lysine", that strengthens our muscles.
  • You may be surprised, but gelatin is recognised by the World Health Organization (who) as a food with the same importance and health than bread.
  • It also has ideal properties for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

How much gelatin must consume in order to take care of our joints?

Very easy. To help rebuild cartilage and bones, increase the speed of regeneration joint, need only 10 grams of gelatine a day. You can rise up like one dessert rather than ideal, also does not have why worry about cholesterol, for example, as us with other protein -rich animal foods. 
Thanks to the incredible contribution of collagen in gelatin our bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments, will be strengthened. But that Yes, we must consume it on a regular basis, it costs you nothing to use daily in your desserts, for you and the family. Also remember... just it has calories, is tasty and will take care of your line!

How can I eat gelatin?

Excellent, we already know that gelatine is a wonderful ally to take care of our joints, making even rebuild cartilage. As you have already mentioned before, simply consume about 10 grams of gelatine a day - and regular - so this curative therapy starts.
Although it is true that we always eat one bit more. But it is enough to have it as a dessert after our lunch in a daily way. It is thus quite once a day. Nutritionists tell us also that it is advisable to consume gelatin with fruits. Thus, us costs nothing to do for example a mousse, or something where not to include too many sugars.
Also, a fact that we must remember is that, if you prepare a gelatin with fruit, it avoids always pineapple, papaya, kiwi and figs. And why? You might wonder, because they contain enzymes that prevent the solidification of the unflavored gelatin in our body. I.e., we would not be any useful if we mezcláramos it with these fruits, it would block their properties to take care of our joints. Don't forget it! So now you know, daily includes gelatin in your nutrition, and your health and your family will notice it. Because let's face it, to who you don't like gelatin?
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