Gastric reflux: 8 tips to cope

Reflujo gástrico: 8 tips para afrontarlo
Who not has suffered once gastric reflux? Is a very common medical condition among the population, causes us annoying episodes of heartburn and pain that we do not know very well how to deal with. Common is that usually resort to drugs, but in the long term, these are not suitable. Always it is therefore best to follow some simple natural guidelines in order to prevent it. We explain what you then.

Tips to prevent gastric reflux

We have to take very seriously this medical condition. Please note that suffer from gastric reflux in chronic way, can lead to the dreaded ulcers of stomach. And is that a bad diet or follow some incorrect habits of life, can do just the acid content that we eat our food, to climb back into the esophagus. Damaging it. It is therefore essential to follow a few simple tips. Notes:

1 be careful of your diet

Que son las grasas saturadas y en que alimentos se encuentran
If we use what is called an acid food, we will continually favor reflux to ascend again towards the stomach. , Then perhaps the time aware we have to reduce those fried, such red meat grilled, these burgers, the industrial food that satisfies us both when we arrived tired at home, frying, the seasoned, tomato sauce, salt, the spicy... And also beware of excess of coffee, which we like and so clear that keeps us for our daily tasks.
It is simply given a slight twist. See including more pieces of fruit and vegetables in your diet, recalling for example take them fresh, also raw since thereby we will seize their Super dryander, to promote digestion. Probiotic foods are also great to prevent gastric reflux, care of our stomach and the bacterial flora.

2. water with a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar

Vinagre de manzana
Have you ever tried it? It is a simple and effective remedy. Before each meal get a glass of water with a little cidervinegar teaspoon, this mode will favor digestion and ease the possibility of suffering the terrible reflux. is very effective!

3 aloe vera juice

Perfect to go taking it as a tonic throughout the day. It has the power to relieve heartburn, promote digestion and take care of our digestive system. Prevents ulcers, desinflama, strengthens, cares about... is excellent. To take advantage of it you don't have more to put a spoonful of aloe vera - gel in the Center, next to two glasses of water. Bring to a boil to mix it all well and allow to stand. You can drink two to three glasses a day. It will make you feel good.

4 infusion of liquorice

Ideal for after the main meal. But why what licorice? you might wonder. This plant has the virtue of surround the digestive system, protecting against the acidity. The characteristic of this root flavour precisely allows us to defend us against gastric reflux, being very advisable to prepare an infusion with four or five strands of its root. Let it boil and sit five minutes. Takes little by little and see how it gives you good results.

5 start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon

A very resorted remedy that always gives us good results. If we take a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon, just before breakfast will help all the food that we consume throughout the day are digested better, make digestion more balanced preventing possible and feared acidity.

6. appropriate infusions

Are you a fan of infusions? Then you're in luck, you should have them fear if you suffer from gastric reflux. Are perfect to take after meals, and perfect if you get such an infusion of ginger, Chamomile or peppermint.

7. guidelines on your break

Lo que los gatos nos pueden enseñar en cuanto a dormir
Believe it or not, our bedtime habits will also favor the higher or lower incidence of gastric reflux. There are many people who for example, quick dinner and go to bed immediately. Others, however, eat dinner each day at a time and go to bed late in the morning. What if now we follow some daily guidelines? Excellent, reminds that indicated more is to dinner two hours before going to bed. Nor do a very long nap right after having finished eating at noon, just a NAP of 15 or 20 minutes.
Another fact to keep in mind: it is always best to sleep on the left side. If we do it mouth to low or on the right side, we will be pressing the stomach, thus sharpening the incidence of reflux.

8. other simple tips

Cada 100 g de almendra común aportan una importante cantidad de vitamina E (26,22 mg).
Eat almonds raw from time to time, some five or six a day: they provide us with calcium and balance the stomach Ph. And another curiosity which is lately picking up more weight over several studies: chew gum after your meal, this helps increase salivation, thus reducing the level of acid in the stomach.
We hope as you have served as a support. Improve your diet and habits of life and insurance that you can prevent gastric reflux.
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