Friendship, that emotional bond

La amistad, ese vínculo afectivo que nos une a otras personas
You have a problem and it seems that the world is crumbling to your around. You feel the urgent need to speak with someone, but not with anyone. You descuelgas phone, marks a number and after a few minutes you feel much better. The voice on the other side, is hundreds of kilometres away, but you heard what happens to you, I said what you think and you feel comforted.
Friendship. Beautiful word and better feeling. It is the invisible bond that unites us to others. A bond of affection which arises with people who cross our path and, in an almost magical way become indispensable in our life beings. Is a relationship between equals, giving us the satisfaction of sharing experiences, feel secure and trust someone without cracks.
There are several types of "friends" and, therefore, of friendship. Focus on true friendship. In that which is not imposed, nor it is scheduled. He is built gradually, through effort and dedication mutates. With the passage of time, this relationship creates a strong link able to maintain and prolong the time.


We take refuge in our friends to help us in our problems. We listened to their advice, because we do not judge, do not tell us what you want to hear, but what is best for us. We are confident our secrets, our concerns and our projects. They are also those who resort to to share our joys.
A true friendship does not understand distance, timetables, or have an expiration date. It's a relationship where we seek and offer mutual support. A friend never cancels the other, but it helps you overcome. Friendship is based on empathy, i.e., the ability to understand and put in the skin of the other person, suffer and rejoice with her. It is a link that enables us to "split sentences and multiply joys".
A healthy and constructive relationship is based on values such as honesty, compression, the mutual affection, respect, communication, delivery, concern for the other, boundless confidence, patience, the ability to listen and learn to forgive. Coherence, flexibility, generosity, gratitude and loyalty are other values to take into account to consolidate a relationship of friendship.


Our status as social beings is what creates the imperative, almost, establish relations and links with other people. Friendship, therefore, is important in the life of a person by what brings on the emotional level. The saying that "who has a friend, has a treasure" and does not lack reason. Feel loved by someone with whom we don't have blood ties, gives us satisfaction and emotional support. This bond strengthens our self-esteem and the pleasure of being accompanied. In addition, it gives us the confidence and security of having the backing of someone in difficult times.
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