Foods listed for menopause

Alimentos indicados para la menopausia
The stage of menopause is normal in all women, during this time is common is to experience a number of symptoms caused by the major hormonal change that is being made. Among the most bothersome symptoms are hot flashes or hot flashes, who usually feel much more frequently during the night, another inconvenience that represents this stage are the frequent mood swings and difficulty to sleep.
To reduce all these nuisances caused by hormonal changes during menopause can resort to certain foods that can help us to above carry this stage making our quality of life much better, despite the changes that we must support.

Eat more fish

The fish is one of the healthiest foods we can find, and it is one that women at the time of menopause should consume more frequently, by least two or three times a week serious ideally, since the content of omega-3 fatty acids is important in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer which increase during menopause.

Increase the consumption of foods that provide calcium

These foods can be found among broccoli and almonds, is indispensable to all have clear that we need to consume good quantities of calcium, especially if we already passed fifty and we are going through the time of menopause, during which lost estrogen, preventing thus the bones to absorb the necessary quantities of calcium so that these are strong and healthy increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Consuming foods rich in fiber

To avoid or reduce bloating own and common during this time, it is very important to increase the consumption of foods that can provide us good amounts of fiber, such as vegetables, beans, lentils, corn and fruits such as apples and pears.

To take into account!

A very important tip that should be considered to reduce the typical menopausal hot flashes is to lose weight, since that this problem most often affects overweight women. Remember that do some kind of moderate physical exercise and lead a healthy and correct power are key to maintaining controlled the symptoms that occur during the time of menopause, time that all women have to come, since it is a normal, natural process the only thing that varies is the way how it can affect more women than other...
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