Five signs of allergies to cosmetics you should know

5 señales de alergia a los cosméticos que debes conocer
Love the women try new cosmetics . It is common, for example, to buy different brands of makeup, that during a time we use a certain type of creams, or, later, due to changes in our skin, we need new treatments.
All this makes that at some other time, abolish suffering an unexpected allergic reaction. In fact, according to several studies almost 20% of the population is allergic to any component of these cosmetics, hence it is important to know which element have reacted to avoid it in the future.
It should bear in mind, also, that our skin is unique and that the same treatments will not all well. If to this we add that beauty companies innovate, every day, introducing new elements in these creams and make-up, it is normal that, at some point, suffer an allergy.
Now let's see what those reactions which we cannot ignore.

1 breakouts

It is very common. We just try a new makeup base, or a compact powder. You can that you've bought yourself a new cream anti-wrinkle, you take a couple of days with these cosmetics and, little by little, we are noticing how us is a thin layer of granite.
They are not normal Granites, but as a fine accumulation that rankles you upon contact with the hand. The first thing we have to do in this case is well wash our face with fresh water and let the skin rest 5 days in a row. If we see that these outbreaks of acne disappear, then already you know that it is no doubt to that new cosmetic that you tried.

2. watery, swollen eyes.

This is one of the most classic when using certain types of mascara or even eye pencils. It often happens very often with the "waterproof", i.e. that mascara long duration that does not go away with the water. Frequent is that we not release it properly and that, each day, to accumulate to cause an allergic reaction.
Another fact that we must keep in mind is the quality of the products. Sometimes, the composition of these eye pencils is not adequate and often cause us very quick reactions, such as a very strong itching, red eyes and tearing. If this happens to you, you quickly removed the eyes cosmetic and don't come back to use it; choose best hypoallergenic cosmetics.
You should know that allergies related to eye pencils and mascara tend to be the most dangerous.

3 skin inflammation

You have to go very carefully with the skin creams. A recommendation that dermatologists give us is to first test them on a small piece of our skin in the hand, for example. Also explain that the elements that most tend to react are fragrances and preservatives that are usually included in most cosmetics.
It can happen that, one day, we choose a certain type of cream because it smells very well and, when applied on the face, we immediately suffered a very striking inflammation. Remember that perfumes included in creams have alcohol, and is usual that people with sensitive skin are not well this element. Choose soft creams, unscented too and, if possible, hypoallergenic.

4. dry spots, scabs or flakes

These white spots where sometimes appear up to a sort of scales tend to be, as you know, a dermatitis or atopic eczema, there where are these skin lesions so striking that they are always accompanied by an annoying itch.
They usually appear on the face, but also even in the extremities or in any part of the body where we have not applied this cream or that cosmetics can be seen. It would be, therefore, a general reaction to something that makes us harm, so don't hesitate to go to the doctor and your dermatologist to find out what has caused it and how you should treat you to dispel that dermatitis.

5. simple burning, discomfort, discomfort

The body is wise and always gives us clues. There are times that does not appear something as striking as eczema, or as some Granites. Sometimes we feel small annoyances that give us some clear clues that something occurs, our skin and our body are not comfortable with that strange element that we are applying.
Takes note of these more unusual and not so obvious symptoms:
  • Notice the eyes dry, as if we had sand. Something subtle, that comes and goes, but that bothers us whenever we get mascara.
  • Feel how swollen lips and a slight itch. Symptom that the lipstick we use may be causing us an allergy.
  • To get a cream, notice the skin very dry and stiff. No matter that the cream is moisturizing. Occasionally, before an allergy, skin responds to being more rigid without immediately reveal inflammation.
They are, as you can see, small symptoms that you should take care yourself. Never passes by high.
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