Facial self-massage to tone your face

Automasaje facial para tonificar tu rostro
Get home tired, his face off and exhausted, with dark circles and some pain in the temples associated with stress and anxiety. What can we do? Don't worry, today we bring you a slightly more practical advice to rejuvenate and tone your face. Maybe you learn a facial self-massage? It's really easy and you will love to see the result.

Steps to perform a facial self-massage


1. aspects to consider

As we usually do with our creams hidrantantes or the wrinkle, it is essential that we be consistent also in this facial massage that we're going to present. With him will be able to stimulate circulation, toning, oxygen, provide an essential bodybuilding that achieve a more healthy and young face. But that Yes, we have done three times a week at home. only cost you ten minutes and is really easy!

2.primer step: start with a smile!


Do a facial massage that starts with a smile? So, but let's go through steps and you will soon understand. The first thing is to clean our skin, so we can for example use an infusion of Chamomile. We are damping skin with cotton. Then go to work that area of the cheeks, there where usually appears first sagging and loss of smoothness.
Now we are going to do something very healthy. The best vitamin that exists: smile. This simple gesture smooth muscles of the cheeks causing them to rise up. Then we will put the index finger and the heart of both hands finger each of them on a cheek, and what we will do is push a little cheeks up and down without considerable force, to obtain, fight against the fall of the skin, exercising the muscles of the face, reinforcing its toning. This exercise we will repeat 5 times.

3. second step: massaging our gaze

Do follow? now we are going to the area of the eyebrows and eyes. Toning our gaze will thumb or index finger above the eyebrow to pull them (as you see in the image) doing little strength but mantiendolas well about ten seconds. Thus we avoid the lift eyelids, reinforcing all the muscles in this area. Repeat 10 times.
In the area of the eyelids, we will make a much more gentle massage. You don't have to tweak them a little to separate them a bit of the eye. Keep them there for about 5 seconds, massaging them with two fingers to keep the eyelid in this soft pinch. This will re-enable the movement of the eyelid. Repeat 10 times. You'll see how it makes you feel good.

4. third step: frown and forehead

masaje facial
Want to avoid or reduce these typical wrinkles of the glabella? Want to reactivate the circulation in this area and thus ease tensions accumulated here? It is very easy.
What to do in the first place, it is to put our finger in the space between the eyebrows, i.e., in the area situated between the two eyebrows and up the nose. We will now give a circular massage , getting so the muscle moves and wakes the circulation. Who do you feel relief?
Now us centrarremos at the temples. A simple exercise that will certainly have done on numerous occasions. Just as you've done in the brow, put your index hints and get a massage by circular on each side of your temples. For at least three minutes. All these moves reactivate the circulation of the blood of this area.
This facial self-massage lasts little more than ten minutes. When you are done, you do not have to apply your regular moisturizer. Repeat three times a week, and you'll see how little by little notes to your skin and your face with more light and more rested. Do we start today itself?
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