Facial masks for each day of the week

While oats will give us enough power to meet Monday, lemon and honey will bring brightness of face to the weekend
Mascarillas faciales para cada día de la semana
Do you wake up on Monday with dark circles? Do your face shows tired Friday after the week's work? Would you like to make your skin look luminous and firm for the commitments of the weekend?
Here is home to help prepare you your own natural masks seven remedies with ingredients that help nourish, soften and tone the skin, to deal with the tiredness of the first days of the week and so you look radiant weekend.

Monday: oats

On Monday need something really energetic and nutritious, so we will prepare a face Milling oats until it pulverized. We will mix it with hot water and let it stand for 10 minutes until cool. We will apply it and let it actar half an hour. And we are now ready to continue with the week.
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Tuesday: yogurt

On Tuesday we are no longer so tired as Monday, but still missing a good push for the long week. Why turn to yogurt, a food that hydrate our skin while her fat. In addition, it is as simple as apply yogurt on your face and leave it on for half an hour. The mask faster and easier.

Wednesday: clay

We are in the middle of week and it is a good time to clean our skin, help you to eliminate toxins and impurities, and at the same time provide minerals.
That's why for this mask we will use Green Clay, which you can get at any shop or pharmacy.
Mix Green Clay powder with warm water, adding it little by little, until a texture spread not dripping with ease. Apply it all over the face, avoiding the eye contour, and leave it to act until dry, about 20 or 30 minutes. We will later clarify gently with warm water.
This mask will help us also to eliminate glare and excess fat. If you have dry skin, instead of mixing with water mix it with yogurt, and after applying the mask drink plenty of fluids always well the skin with our cream or regular oil.
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Thursday: Lemon and honey

Approaching the weekend, and is a good time to clean our skin of impurities, and so nothing better than lemon, a great cleansing and purifying. In addition, honey will help to moisturize the skin and give luminosity.
We rallaremos the skin of a lemon and mix it with honey. The texture will be a little pejagosa, but it may help us to slightly warm the honey to be more liquid. We will apply the mixture and let it act half an hour, then rinse.

Friday: cucumber

It finally arrived on Friday and we are ready to go, but our skin skin load fatigue throughout the week, so we will resort to the cucumber, which it will refresh us skin, hydrate it in depth and will return its firmness.
To prepare this mask we rallaremos the cucumber and mix it with milk or with a vegetable drink of rice. Since we will have a liquid texture, we will use a cotton pad to moisten it in the mixture and wipe our skin, as if we were desmaquillando it. At the same time, cut two slices of cucumber and place them us over closed eyes. With this we also restore vitality to our eyes.
We bust to rest at least 20 minutes. Then we wash ourselves well face with water. We can also apply this mask before going to sleep, to remove the dirt accumulated during the day.
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Saturday: avocado

On Saturday we have already been able to rest and the time is to nourish our skin, well to make it look bright. To prepare it we machacaremos medium avocado with a fork until a well homogeneous texture. Because the avocado is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, we won't need any more ingredients. We will apply it directly on the face and leave it to act until we notice that it has dried, to then rinse with water.

Sunday: Lavender

On Sunday he plays to relax the face, and we will simply preparing an infusion of lavender or lavender well charged. When it is warm we will use a cotton pad to moisten it and gently wipe around the face. We won't need anything else for a good night's sleep.
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