Exercises to relieve neck pain

Ejercicios para aliviar el dolor de cuello
Many people around the world suffer from neck pain, either because they remain too long in a same position or because they have to work long hours in front of a computer, sitting in a classroom, or driving a vehicle, among other.
Neck pain can be so constant that it may become chronic, in such a way that it can be permanent and will not make effect medicines that we're taking to numb the pain. In addition, must be aware that there are drugs to numb the pain that cannot be taken for a long time, since there is a risk of affecting other organs, since most of these medicines have side effects if used for a very long time.
For this reason it is advisable to perform some exercises that can help to relax the muscles of the neck and thus calm or relieve definitely this great discomfort.

Practice isotonic exercises

To perform a series of exercises that can relax the muscles in the neck, the first thing you should do is to make sure that its origin is muscular and which are not suffering from any other disease (e.g. a herniated disc).
If you have consulted your doctor and the origin of the neck pain that you are suffering from is actually muscle, you can practice the following exercises and you will achieve a great improvement.
Dolor en el cuello
The first thing you should do is to slowly turn your head to the right, wait three minutes and turn to the left. These movements have to repeat them at least five times, then dropped the head to the front leaving that chin resting on the breast for three seconds, then lifts his head slowly. This movement should be repeated five times.
Then let drop your head first to the right and then to the left until it touches the shoulder. He is repeated five times on each side.
Another movement that can be done to improve the neck pain is to move the head circle, first to one side five times and then five times to the other side, these movements make the muscles that hold the neck to relax and will relieve the pain.

Isometric exercises

To exert pressure on the neck muscles, notably improving the inconvenience that causes pain in the neck, can be strengthened since the weakness of muscles is the main cause of these headaches.
As a first step should be placed a hand on his forehead, doing a little bit of pressure, at the same time making the attempt to move the head to the front. They can be from three to five repetitions. In the same way is this exercise by placing your hand on the back of the head and trying to take the head toward the back. The same repetitions are made.
It should be towards the sides exerting the same resistance, so you feel the muscles are stretched and is going stronger every day.
In this way is achieved that neck pain improve naturally and without the need of taking large amounts of drugs. If you have this problem with your neck try practicing this series of exercises and you'll notice the difference in a very short time.
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