15 keys to make a diet

Most importantly to comply with diet is to be convinced and motivated. Get ready to see you well and change clothes to check the progress that you are making
15 claves para cumplir una dieta
Many people has happened to them at the start of a diet making it safe and motivated, but with the passage of time and daily activities hold it becomes a little difficult. If it happened to you or you are starting a diet, and you don't want to fail in the attempt to read these simple keys that will help you maintain your new lifestyle.

Key #1

Whatever your diet, el breakfast is essential for your nutrition, because that should meet the needs of a morning of work, study, or housework. Avoid to skip it because at lunchtime you will have more hunger and, therefore, it is logical that you almuerces much more than recommended, on the other hand, if you eat a healthy breakfast are going to feel satisfied in the morning and at lunchtime you'll consume your food properly.

Key #2

Evitar engordar si comemos dulces
If you were accustomed to junk food or sweets and those snacks more, you must remember that these make you anxious, so try to eat your favorite fruit until you feel satisfied. This will be healthier for your body and will benefit your pocket.

Key #3

At the time of your meals choose a smaller dish which you are accustomed, you will have the feeling of eating the same amount as always, since the plate will be full, but the portion will be reduced.

Key #4

He sleeps very well, according to a study by the University of Chicago to do so the hormone leptin tells the brain that you satisfied, otherwise, ghrelin hormone will cause you a sensation of hunger, so try to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Key #5

vitamina_d_perder_peso (1)
Check your weight constantly, nothing more motivating to see how your good eating habits emerge effect week after week, surely This will help you for your self-esteem and encourage you to follow your diet.

Key #6

You have patience, not all diets are rapid or metabolisms are the same, so persistent and don't give up. With plenty of exercise and healthy food will achieve the effect that you want in your body.

Key #7

Fill your pantry of healthy products, buy lots of fruit and vegetables. When making your snacks very rich, innovative and healthy dishes are can happen.

Key #8

Agua colon
Drink plenty of water, as well as the fruit you used to quench your anxiety water also is a good ally to reduce your consumption of foods. Takes at least 6-8 glasses a day, but do it before each meal to feel a little full.

Key #9

It is not necessary that you stop eating those foods in daily life, such as bread, yogurt and biscuits, since come many comprehensive and "light" versions, so have no obstacles to keep eating rich.

Key #10

You can give a help to your diet seasoning your food with oregano, a little mustard, garlic, or chili, food you will know much richer and you will feel more satisfied.

Key #11

If you like traditional food, there is no problem that you continue enjoying whole grains, they have good fiber, improves digestion, lowers cholesterol and prevents constipation.

Key # 12

It is clear that a diet is something personal and it is not necessary that your family follow your procedure, but you can gradually change your way of eating so thus have a body more healthy and better performance. Similarly avoid having food that can prompt you to damage your diet.

Key #13

As you are taking care of your body inside do so outside, exfoliates your skin, make masks, use creams that you nurture, do your hair, use your favorite clothes... all this will help you feel much more beautiful, and you'll get a change both internally and externally that will be evident in the eyes of those around you.

Key #14

If you didn't know, alcohol has calories that your body become fat, if you like it so much is consume it less or only on special dates, is not necessary that you abstengas at all but if you want to make the results of your diet look, you have to try to decrease the consumption of these beverages.

Key #15

Familie aus Knete

Ask your friends and family to help you reach your diet, they are those who surround you and if you have their support you will be more easy. Tell them that they do not bring you chocolate, ice cream, pizza, but help you to control your anxiety with fruits and juices. Often it comes that moment where you want to resign, but there is nothing better than to find a grounding that motivates you to achieve your goals.
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