Exercises to prevent and treat varicose veins

To stimulate blood circulation and improve varicose veins, it is very important that we carry out any physical activity. We recommend walking half an hour daily, swimming and bicycle
Ejercicios para evitar y tratar las várices
Varicose veins occur to have swelling in the veins, these have valves that operate in only one direction and make the blood to flow towards the heart, to the weakening these valves blood pools in the veins, forming clots that do appear varicose veins usually taking a look of small blue or purple wires.
Normally appears on the legs, but can that be of in other parts of the body, most cause few signs and symptoms, and the truth is that anyone can get it especially if you have an elderly, overweight, or a sedentary lifestyle.
Varicose veins can be treated with medical procedures, however the first thing that is recommended is to suffer them a change of life style.
The first. If you suffer from varicose veins need to strengthen the muscles of the legs and promote the proper functioning of the veins, for this you will have to do many exercises, that are easy, practical and does not require any kind of device, so you can do them anywhere in your home at any time.
Look at the following exercises and try to do them several times a day, leaving spaces in time for the muscles to rest and recover.

Lying down

abdomens (1)

When you lie down to rest in your free time it takes to perform these exercises:
  • Lie on your back and lift your legs, put them on the wall, this position facilitate the circulation flow in addition to giving you a feeling of relaxation.
  • You can also lift their legs, separate them and return them together several times.
  • In the same position raises legs and get to ride in the air, also get forms of circle with his feet.
  • Flex one leg toward your chest, holding her from behind the knee stops for a few seconds and then change leg, this exercise is to work the muscles of the calves.
  • With legs straightened, flexing the toes about 20 times per session.



If in your home or for your work you spend much time sitting performs these exercises:
  • It stretches and shrinks your legs constantly to facilitate blood circulation.
  • Separates and together the tips of toes, repeat at least 30 times per session, recalls that it is important that you carry out these exercises constantly on the day to achieve a better effect.
  • Supports the heels on the floor, lift the tip of toes, low and raises the heels several times.


  • Walking on tiptoe and then on heels
  • No move site beam push-ups standing on the tip-toes and heels.

Recommendations to prevent appear

masaje piernaMake massage in legs

Keep skin moist help to keep it soft and healthy, constant massages around the affected area helps to relieve discomfort and reduce the swelling.
  • Apply massage in circles and short, in order to mobilize the accumulated blood so he can follow his way towards the heart.
  • Way up, from the feet up to the abdomen spread cream, this helps blood vessels to eliminate the obstruction of liquids, salts, fats and toxins.

Keep an ideal weight

peso_ideal (1)

Although many times it is difficult not to exceed the recommended weight, it is necessary for health and aesthetic, being overweight is one of the factors causing poor circulation, as is climbing and lose it, so try to stay on a stable body State.

Avoid spends much time in the same position


There are activities that require you to spend a long time standing, or sitting, but your legs need movement from time to time, is where you can do the exercises that we have previously.
Varicose veins you do not necessarily have to be treated by a doctor, but there are situations in which this if it is necessary, especially when there is pain, the appearance of them becomes increasingly more notorious, redness occurs in leg or they appear ulcers on legs.
Already when it comes to physical activity, it is recommended to walk constantly, at least 30 minutes a day, also swimming is a great workout for varicose veins, as does the blood circulation to work properly to strengthen the muscles of the body in turn.
Bicycling also serves to combat this problem since it regulates the pressure and increases blood flow in the veins.
If you perform these exercises with perseverance and dedication, you can prevent the appearance of varicose veins or undermine its appearance if you already have it.
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