Foods that benefit your lungs

Alimentos que benefician tus pulmones
The lungs are undoubtedly one of most important organs that is the human body, and without which they could not live. Perhaps pass you have some bad habits that do not permit the functioning of them, and as usual, you go to your doctor so that you diagnose and you can heal yourself of what you have, but of course as it is, is better to prevent and avoid suffering any alteration that can put your life at risk.
There are different vegetables that will help you in excellent way the health of your lungs, so some do not have the good taste that you would like to, it is important that you understand that they will bring you many benefits. Before we talk about them, it is important to know the need is to prevent tobacco consumption, that you do not display both urban pollution, (avoid those places of highest contamination), prevents chemical vapors and mostly avoids getting wet or expose you to the cold of the night often.


Garlic is composed of elements that are in full capacity to help open your bronchial tubes and thanks to this you can fight many diseases that are directly related to breathing. Then you name how can build a magnificent natural remedy based on this magnificent food.
You will need 10 to 15 heads of garlic, which you machacarás very well, then overnight stop them macerating with a little thyme and olive oil, the next morning, and on an empty stomach, you should eat a tablespoon of this mixture. You'll see how you start to notice that they will substantially improve pulmonary ills that you're suffering from.


Beneficios nutricionales del apio para la salud
Celery is an important ingredient in combating diseases such as asthma, because it contains apigenin, helping to oxygenate the cells,

Lemon and eucalyptus

Lemon eucalyptus infusions are good recipes for breathing mists, these come still for a long time used as home remedies to cure different ailments in the lungs, but especially to achieve the needed expectoration, and at the same time help improve the conditions of the respiratory system.

How to do it?

Two Hierbe glasses of water with eucalyptus and lemon leaves, once boil this preparation begins to breathe the smoke coming from profound way, until it starts to cool the water, since it must be as hot as possible so you can get the desired results.

Green tea

Remember that green tea can be achieved to purify the blood, your body and most importantly, your lungs.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has amazing regenerative properties, in addition can also help you to purge the body of toxins and repair the tissues. All these wonders can accomplish them in different ways, for example: mix half a cup of juice of aloe vera with half a glass of carrot juice, it can be before each meal or intermediates, recalls that you between higher consumption more benefits will bring to your body.
Finally we wish that everything what you have presented is always your help, remember that treatments based on products or natural properties help to purify, clean and most importantly heal your body from various diseases. But above all seeks to have good habits in your daily life, since all that will help you prevent any kind of condition, and avoid all kinds of suffering by diseases.
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