Exercises to deal with presbyopia or eyestrain

With a simple routine we will be able to relax and rest the view. Remember not to make a break every 15 minutes and look towards other
Ejercicios para combatir la presbicia o vista cansada
The doctors tell us that the prescibia or view tired form part inevitably aging. However, if we listen to the name, view tired, we think also that more than an inevitable disease might be an imbalance caused by an excess of work.
In this article we explain some exercises that will help us to relax and tone the muscles of the eye, and that if we become accustomed to perform a few minutes daily will provide us a great improvement or even disappearance of the prescibia.

Massage and grins

Before starting the exercises it is important that we relax the musculature surrounding our eyes. Starting at the internal root of the eyebrows, making small circles almost imperceptible press, continue the journey towards the outer part of the eyebrow, then descend and continue all around until you get back to the beginning of the eyebrow. If we wish, we can use a bit of almond or evening primrose oil.
In addition, also help to relax the face if we dedicate a minute to make all kinds of grimaces that we happen to, trying to move all the parts of the face: lips, jaw, tongue, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, etc.
Then, descansansamos a few moments before proceeding and will breathe deeply. This is also an exercise to keep young face.
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The On2

The On2 is one of the most pleasant exercises we present. To do this we rub our hands so that they come into heat, especially if we have them cold, and support the eyes closed in the Palm of your hands.
In addition, if you have dry eyes, parpadearemos quite a few times in a row and finally, the eyes will close strong then relax them.

Conscious tension

Often many people suffer eye strain due to stress excessively the muscles of the eyes without realizing it. In this exercise we teach to stress deliberately cause a relaxation then. Any time is good to do so, especially when we spend hours on the computer.
Simply consists in close your eyes and become aware of the eyelids and even the eyeball pressure. At first it will seem that they are relaxed, but if we concentrate we will see that we pressed the eyelids, that the eyeball rests in your space, our cheeks are uploaded, the eyebrows and forehead tightly, etc.
The first few times we can also take advantage to switch relaxation with provoked tension discussed above (tighten the eye a couple of seconds and relax, etc).

The bizqueo

This exercise is excellent to work the oblique eye muscles, and is very effective against eyestrain: simply consists of looking at the tip of the nose. If at the beginning cost, you can start by placing a finger in front, and get closer to it. We can also go following the nasal septum to frown. Surprisingly, as we can see parts of our face without the need for a mirror.
Do not insist more than 10-15 seconds without rest the view, especially the first few times.


One of the most basic exercises is to make circles with the view, trying to make a circle round thing possible, first to one side and then to the other, and by looking at which parts our eyes wanted to avoid curved lines or are jumping somewhere. In this way we make to work different muscles of the eye.
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Looking closely, look away

The best work the vista is to go in search of an open natural environment (views of a mountain, a meadow, the sea, etc.) to be able to look close details (a flower, a stone, etc.) and alternate them with panoramic far, casting our eyes as far as we can. In addition, the colors of nature, especially the Green, have balancing, relaxing and invigorating therapeutic effects that will help us improve our view and our State of mind.

Fresh water

Another way to relax and invigorate our eye muscles is splashing our closed eyes with cold water. We can do it whenever you want throughout the day, and effective will be especially when feel that our eyes are reddened or with too much heat.
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