How to take care of hair without abusing of it?

If you apply the heat hair shields before ironing it, make sure that it is dry before moving the iron to avoid burning
¿Cómo planchar el cabello sin maltratarlo?
In the daily struggle with our hair, we are forced to use and even abuse the iron to give better shape. This gives us a neat and appropriate image for any event or situation, but keep in mind that must know certain tips at the time of the procedure. The excessive use of heat on your hair can control it and give you a good look, but... at what price?
Keep reading and you find out simple tips that will help you not to destroy your hair for the effect of the iron.

Tips when it comes to ironing your hair

  • The first and fundamental is that your hair is dry at any time you decide to iron it. To use the dryer do not do in maximum power of heat, can you delay a little more with a medium level, but your hair will thank you.
  • Apart from being a healthy choice for your hair, we encourage you to change look during the week, varying in different styles. Thus avoid ironing your hair in a way very followed, giving a respite from both heat.
  • The temperature is also important, because often and more even if you are in trouble it is safest to put it to the maximum. This will help to make straightening faster, but the damage be noticed then.
  • At least once a month reminds perform you any repair treatment for hair. Depending on what type is yours, I have oily, dry or mixed. And more even if you use heat on your hair constantly.
  • When the tips are very dry the best thing to do is to cut them, that way the hair will continue to grow and healthier. Dry tips do not allow that the hair is healthy, as well as give a bad appearance.
Cabello puntas
  • It would also be interesting to use a product that protects your hair from heat before making to styling your hair. Then place it will leave it somewhat damp, dry it well and just after it starts the procedure.
  • Before starting the straightening must completely detangle your hair, if you don't and they are entangled over Tufts grilled can stretch and break.
  • Separating your hair with pliers in small sections, so that smoothing is homogeneous.
  • Another important fact... If as most have the hair with dye care should be even stricter if you do not want to damage your hair. To be treated chemically this type of hair is more susceptible to the damages.
  • Also make sure that the iron that you use is of good quality, in the long run unfortunately the cheap tends to go more expensive.
In addition to the tips above, it is interesting to know that your diet also defines the State of health of your hair. A diet deficient and more if it is associated with the indiscriminate use of heat for your hairstyles will be a highly damaging combination.
Water is also essential to maintain healthy hair, remember always to consume the required amount per day.
Then we leave a list of nutrients necessary to make your hair look radiant, strong and in which foods can find them.
  • Iron: spinach, watercress, chicken, fish, pork, etc.
  • Omega 3: sardines, tuna, walnuts, spinach and strawberries.
  • Zinc: fish, meat, eggs, cheese.
  • Selenium: garlic, onions, plums, melons and grapes.
  • Vitamin A: liver, eggs, carrots and almonds.
  • Vitamin B: dairy, fruit, fish, meat and eggs.
  • Vitamin c acerola, guava, kiwi, red pepper, papaya, Orange, spinach.
  • Folic acid: chickpeas, liver, lentils, avocado, tomato, banana.
If your hair is very dry, dull, brittle and under criteria of a doctor could include supplements that contain nutrients. So your hair will show at its best.
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