Discover what happens in Piplantri when a girl is born

Descubre lo que ocurre en Piplantri cuando nace una niña
Piplantri is one town of any in the India. A very arid place where emerged a story that deserves to be known. This is a story of hope and humanity, of second chances in a country where the figure of the woman has a very difficult role.
We are confident that is going to excite the small reflection of a society that makes efforts to change, to improve. To give strength and push the women, working for your future and that of those children, who, like anyone, deserve to be happy.

The figure of the woman in the India

Sure that you know the difficult position of women in this country. The India is patrilineal and patriarchal. This means that families will always prefer the birth of a boy rather than a girl. The men are who provide sustenance to the home, the central figure that brings security and no additional cost to the family.
However, the fact of bringing a child into the world means that tomorrow this family has to offer a dowry to the girl achieve a proper marriage. This tradition sought to be eradicated in the 1960s, however, it has continued with the strength of always. But what is this social reality for a country that is as humble as the India?
You can imagine it. The female feticidios are very common. Choose girls not arriving to live is a muted but constant practice that is causing a very obvious reality. A silent tragedy, but shows.
As an example, we don't have to do the proportion of sexes in the India. There are cities in which the number of men exceeds in much of women. Something huge is happening in this country. A social sadness that is worth knowing. Without the treatment so disparaging that women often suffer in many occasions. Violations, abuse... Something unfortunate, no doubt.
However, what is happening in Piplantri is a beautiful breath of hope.

A girl, a forest

We are in a small town of Rajasthan. It is an arid place by the marble and industry surveys, in such a way that all the land, until a few years ago was little more than a desert. An area very devastated also by the effect of the monsoons.
6 years ago it began to put into practice a beautiful initiative. Whenever a girl is born, 111 trees are planted. Throughout the life of the small, both she and the family must take charge of these trees and plants that are also planted around, as aloe vera.
When girls get of age, those trees are already worth a good amount of money. And what is more interesting, let the girl have a way of life. They produce gels, soaps and oils fruit with Aloe Vera. They sell it and take an economic advantage. In addition, they provide incredible population ecological value.
In 6 years leading this project underway, there are already nearly 285,000 trees. This means that Piplantri is ceasing to be a desert. That the ground already has many nutrients, which begins to be rich to be able to grow. And even more. If 6 years ago they had to dig down almost 200 metres to find water, now, with a depth of only 3 meters already found it.
The monsoon effect no longer has such intensity, since the soil is stronger. Already it has not ravaged, but it nourishes and feeds even more terrain. Now, the birth of a girl is a symbol of prosperity for the community. It is a fact that full of joy to the family and the neighbors. And girls grow up safely knowing that they have a job. A project for the future and a horizon full of hope.
I hope that initiative developed in Piplantri reach throughout the India.
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