Couple married 75 years die in the same bed with few hours of difference

Noticing that her husband did not improve, and each time he was worse, Jeanette also began to have health problems to stay in bed, so incapacitated as the love of his life
Pareja casada durante 75 años mueren en la misma cama con pocas horas de diferencia
For many, that "eternal love" is something you only see in novels or fairy tales , in general, the majority of relationships do not survive for a long time and it is necessary to know a number of people to find someone that complements our lives and makes us feel love.
And, although in the majority of cases it is as well, there are some incredible stories that show us that nothing is impossible, and that two people you can love life, even death.
This is the case of a couple who lived in California (United States) who, with just 8 years old, met and were "flechados" each other for life, reaching 75 years of married until almost together to death.

The death separated them

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko, an elderly of San Diego, Calif., couple were married for 75 years and, curiously, recently died with few hours of difference, one on the arm of the other, professing to be the love that attached them to the end.
That love story was documented by Aimee Toczko-Cushman, one of the daughters of the couple, who shared it to move around the world.
Alexander Toczko and his wife, Jeannette, originating in Connecticut, they met when they were barely 8 years old and, upon reaching a suitable age, took the decision to unite in marriage, in 1940.
According to revealed her daughter for the channel ABC, "he did not like being separated. It was as if their hearts race at the same time."
Alexander, of 95 years, he used to play golf, until his health began to worsen as a result of a fall he suffered a few weeks before his death. Although the elder was attended by experts, his health did not improve and worsened with the passage of days.
Noticing that her husband did not improve, and each time he was worse, 96 years, Jeanette also began to have health problems to the prostrate in a bed, so incapacitated as Alexander. But, despite no longer count with so many forces, the woman asked his hospital bed to remain close to her husband to take care of him until the last moment.

The couple was going through a very critical moment. He could not lift the bed and she was very depressed; However, both were waiting eagerly on June 29, the date on that celebrate its 75 years of marriage.
Unfortunately, they came to the desired date, because he died on the night of June 17 and she died the next morning. Despite this, the couple turned to his last wishes, since wanted to give their last breaths in her arms, and she longed to meet him as soon as possible.
Aimee Toczko-Cushman, who was awaiting their parents along with their other four brothers, also revealed that she was in charge of giving the news to her mother. "I told him that dad had already left. She hugged him and told him: ' do you see? This was what you wanted: die in my arms. I love you. Wait for me, I'll soon be with you ' ". "
It was then when all the children of the couple withdrew from the room to give a moment alone to her mother with the man who so loved life.
To the surprise of all, in less than 24 hours, they found that she also was gone. The corpses were embraced, as both may at some point wanted it.
The image of that moment was captured in a photograph that has already given around the world and that has moved millions to be clear evidence that love can come up to the last moment.
Jeanette and Alexander Toczko lie together at Miramar, in San Diego, California National Cemetery.
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