Coconut filled chocolates

Bombones de chocolate rellenos de coco
The chocolates are a quick and delicious option for when you want to indulge a little, are also very versatile and allow you to join them the most varied fillings. As a gift, they are excellent, because nothing like what has been done by your own hands to show others that you care about and want them.
For this recipe, we decided to make a filling of coconut, as takes very well with chocolate, in addition to add contrast, freshness, body and texture to your chocolate. Make them not you take long, so get ready to enjoy this marvelous recipe.
Equally, we incorporate ingredients of easy acquisition, although you can vary the type of chocolate, but must inform you about their way of preparation, because not all behave the same way.


  • 2 cups chocolate chips
  • 1 cup condensed milk
  • 1 cup grated coconut
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla essence
  • Toasted almonds


To optimize the preparation time we recommend to leave the filling ready. In a deep Bowl and mix coconut, vanilla and the milk condensed, until all ingredients are well incorporated.
Once you have your prepared stuffing, to melt the chocolate. Method that we recommend is to use the water bath, because this will give you greater control over the chocolate cooking. When it is melted remove from fire and enmanteca molds for chocolate a little (although if the chocolate is very fatty, you can skip this step).
Deposited some chocolate on the bottom and on the edges of the Pan, leaving the Center free so that you can fill. Leave to cool a little and placed inside the mixture of coconut and condensed milk, advantage also to add the almonds.
If you want to decorate, you can sprinkle the chocolate with a little grated coconut, that if any ingredient you use should be appended until the cover is cool.
When you are done filling, put a layer of chocolate to coat the filling and when you have all the organized chocolates takes the mold to the fridge and leave to cool for a few minutes, just the time required for set and chocolate take consistency.
Once chilled out of the mould will be piece of cake, or rather, devoured chocolate Bonbon, because once you serve them will not last anything.
trufas chocolate blanco coco

Additional tips

  • Keep in mind that for this recipe you will need molds chocolate, try the plastic, because they are easier to manipulate.
  • Creativity is important in the confectionery, plays with the flavors and textures, the results can be wonderful.
  • Before backfilling, tap him on the side of the mold, thus lower excess chocolate in the background and not come out you bubbles
  • In the event that you don't want to make preparation a water bath, you can just melt the chocolate in the microwave. For this give him 25 seconds early and then mixed to dale another 25 minutes, avoid it to toast.
  • Ten present you should not long in the refrigerator your chocolates, as sudarán when removing them.
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