Natural and homemade tips for washing clothes

Did you know that the stains of blood there is nothing more effective than hydrogen peroxide? Throw it in the affected area, wait 30 minutes and wash in the usual way
Trucos caseros y naturales para lavar la ropa
How much do we tend to spend each week in household and cleaning products? It is very common that we buy many products to whiten clothes, to eliminate odors or so out of the washing machine much more gentle and careful. The reality is that, with simple home remedies we can achieve many things: vinegar, lemon or baking soda will be your best allies. check it out!

1 how to whiten clothes?

As you know, the most common chemical used to whiten clothes is chlorine. Well, in addition to all of these products are highly polluting our environment, get our fabrics fibres to weaken and break more easily. It is true that they come out white and pristine, but they last us less. Also, if we are not careful, chlorine may cause smears and stains on clothing color using splash.
Using the bicarbonate, lemon or even carbonated water, these things do not us occur. Takes note.

1 whiten curtains

If they are for example the kitchen curtains, which tend to be more infused with smoke and grease, it is ideal to soak in hot water in the bathtub. Drop a tablespoon with baking soda, and let them soak until water cools. You can then wash them with normal mode much easier. It will be perfect.

2 whitening tablecloths

Very easy, do almost the same that with curtains. We will put them in hot water , but previously applying some chorraditas of hydrogen peroxide there where stains. They will more easily leaving the white tablecloth and taking care of tissues.

3 bleaching clothes

When it comes to put the clothes in the washing machine, we can dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water, then pour it on clothes (never put baking in their pure on the tissues which can damage them, it is better to dilute with water). Then we allow that the washing machine carry out your cycles normally. You can also use lemon juice.

2. Remove odors from clothing

Bicarbonato de sodio
Sure that you have ever, remove the laundry from the washer and noticed that some shirts still have a slight odor to body sweat. We have to rewash them how to avoid it then? Very easy, you have three ways to achieve this:
1. make a paste with baking soda and water. Just half a teaspoon diluted with half a glass of water. Mix it well and put this paste in these areas more criticisms, such as the armpits. Then, you can already take them into the washer normally.
2. white vinegar. Very easy, put half cup of vinegar mixed with half cup of water, and takes this mixture in a sprayer. You soak these areas with this mixture and let stand 10 minutes then wash in the washing machine as normal.
3. lemon juice. Sure that you already knew. Other natural ingredients that is great to neutralize the smell of sweat in the clothes. We don't have to mix half a lemon juice with the same amount of water, then, with the help of a cloth or sponge, apply in these critical areas in terms of smell. Leave respose 10 minutes and... to the washer!

3 simple tricks to remove stains in clothing

ropa tendida chatirygirl

1. what an oil slick?

If you have a piece of clothing stained with oil, you can resort to the simple trick of applying talcum powder there where East stain so that it is absorbed. Leave to act for a day and then take it to the washing machine.

2. do you have gum stuck to your clothes?

There are two very peculiar trick you can try. The first is really curious: put the piece of clothing which is chewing gum in the freezer. In this way, and when the gum is completely rigid, it is easier to remove. Do you dare to try? The second technique is already known, it is simply apply a bit of gasoline, this mode can also remove it in a simple way.

3. what makeup stains?

Sometimes, unintentionally, we spot our shirts of pencil that foundation that we carry on the face or lips. How to remove them unless they stop stains? Very easy, applying water with vinegar in equal parts. Leave to act for half an hour and then wash normally.

4. what blood stains?

Blood stains are usually the most difficult to remove. A simple technique is to use hydrogen peroxide. Put a few drops in the affected area and let is rest half an hour. Then, take this piece of clothing with normality in the washing machine. Any trace will not be.
Hopefully these simple tips have helped you. Feel free to leave us your own tips!
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