Broccoli and its benefits

El brócoli y sus beneficios
It may be that you're not a good consumer of vegetables and even you have not encouraged to include broccoli in your diet, but you may not be very nice both tasteless flavor and its texture, it is one of the healthiest foods that are.
If you look closely at each and every one of its components, and pay attention to the great benefits to our health, it is almost certain that you feel to include it in your diet, not only but also in the whole family.

It helps the nervous system

Broccoli is very good to keep our nervous system in optimum operation by its high content of potassium. It also contributes to the proper functioning of the brain, and is very good for muscle growth.

It prevents cancer

Broccoli contains significant amounts of vitamin A, C, E, zinc, potassium and amino acids; by having these components is very useful to prevent breast cancer, uterus, intestine and kidneys.

Cardiovascular diseases

Due to the amount of fiber containing broccoli, it is ideal to prevent cardiovascular disease. Its components will help remove bad cholesterol, protecting the heart. In addition to also contain potassium it contains calcium and magnesium, which helps to control blood pressure.

A great antioxidant

Broccoli contains vitamins A, B, K and E, as well as omega-3, among other important nutrient antioxidants which help to maintain a young, clean, smooth, radiant skin, and therefore, beautiful.

It is a detoxifier

Broccoli is known as a great Detox to help eliminate toxins, free radicals and uric acid among others. If you wish to have a clean and toxin-free body, it is best that now you start to eat broccoli.

Good for bones

By its high content of calcium, and vitamin K, it is a very useful for the health of the bones and to help prevent many diseases that attack them, such as osteoporosis.
In addition the broccoli helps to strengthen the immune system, is also very good for viewing, since it prevents the macular degeneration and cataracts.
It is also important in the proper functioning of the digestive system, since it provides a large supply of fiber.
It is also very useful for skin, helping to regenerate it when it has been damaged or abused by the Sun.
With so many benefits that it brings us broccoli, no doubt even one bit of the importance that has to incorporate it to our daily diet, as with only eating an appropriate amount of broccoli innumerable nutrients, we obtain very important and beneficial for the good functioning of our body and to keep it strong and healthy for a long time.
And don't forget for any reason we shouldget our kids from very small to eat our vegetables. Today kids eat too much fast food, which not to feed them properly, much less provide them with the nutrients they need for their development and growth.
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