Blending of figs for treatment of osteoporosis: very medical!

Licuado de higos para tratar la osteoporosis: ¡Muy medicinal!
Have you ever tried the delicious blending of figs? Its taste is quite an experience for the senses. Halfway between the exotic and the medicinal, this drink is really a gift of virtues for our bones and, in particular, to treat osteoporosis.
Figs are a fruit of autumn easy to find in many countries, hence you recommend eating them during the season, if you possible, to benefit from its medicinal principles, to cover the lack of calcium that we tend to be women and that tomorrow is often lead to osteoporosis.
Don't miss as this article and take good note of how you should prepare your tasty fig smoothie.

Benefits that provide us with figs

White figs, figs, red, dry, natural... They have that mix of exquisite sweetness and some acidity that make them very suitable for any dessert, for any smoothie or yogurt that we want to prepare for take advantage of their properties.
Discover now everything this wonderful fruit can do for you.

1 figs, perfect to avoid constipation

Sure that you already knew. These small seeds hidden in its pulp are excellent for our intestinal transit. They act as a very mild laxative that is going to help every day to go to the bathroom with peace of mind.
It is a delicate and fruit with lots of fiber that stands as a very suitable food for those days in which, for example, we are suffering a gastrointestinal problem.

2 very energetic!

Figs are great to start the day: can combine them with a white yogurt with your bowl of oatmeal, or preprarandote a richly blending as that we are presenting today. This fruit contains plenty of water, and also incredibly rich in the following items:
  • Iron.
  • Calcium.
  • Potassium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Zinc.
  • Copper.
  • Flavonoids.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamins of the Group B.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin A.
As data that take into account we will tell you also that if consume them, for example, in its dry form, we will have the natural source rich in selenium, ideal to detoxify the organism. fantastic!

3. the figs, the richest in calcium fruit

Did you know it? So. Figs stand as fruits with high content of calcium and folic acid, hence they are among those most highly recommended vegetable supplies to lack that we usually have women with this mineral supplement.
The pity is that it is a fruit of the season, but in spite of this, we tend to find figs for quite some time during the year, hence I recommend consuming it whenever you can.
Wonderful to take advantage of the virtues of the figs is through this morning smoothie. A very appropriate way to start the day with energy , and treat osteoporosis. It is worth trying it.

4. its caloric content is not very high

Obviously, we should not eat figs in high amounts. Just about 4 a day, for example. However, this fruit has some 65 Kcal per 100g. Therefore it is not something very high and it is worth introducing in our diet with balance and moderation.
Also noted you that figs have sugar (fructose), hence that is not very convenient for people with diabetes.

5. the figs have anti-rheumatic properties

This fruit is very suitable for all those who suffer from pain in their joints, as well as sports that much force your body and your musculoskeletal apparatus. They reduce pain, inflammation and, as you know, are a good supply of vitamins and minerals.

How can I prepare my figs Smoothie?



  • 4 ripe figs.
  • A glass of vegetable milk (almond or nuts, which you want). If you do not suffer from lactose intolerance, you can include a glass of milk semi-skimmed.
  • 1 tablespoon honey (30 g).


  • This smoothie is really easy to prepare. The most important thing is to choose milk with which you want to make the mixture. If you do not have problems to digest cow's milk, you can include it. If you want to prepare a smoothie rich in calcium, then opt for the beverage of walnuts, although you should know that it has a fairly high heat index. So, choose your own that you think suitable, even with the classic oatmeal water is delicious.
  • To make the smoothie you just remove the skin of figs and then bring them to your blender together with the glass of milk and the tablespoon of honey. Now you have to beat at maximum speed to get that figs are good homogeneous. If you saw that you is not possible and that there are some traces of figs, a good resource is to add a white yogurt.
  • It would be stated that you took this drink to treat osteoporosis every morning while we are in the season of figs. As you have pointed out before, not to exceed caloric index that gives us this fruit, the most appropriate is to consume about four figs a day, whether they are natural or in dry form. In this way, we will get a good dose of energy, fiber, vitamins... and much calcium for our bones!
Do you dare to try? It is delicious!
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