Facts about nails: do you know it?

Datos curiosos sobre las uñas: ¿los conocías?
Would love to take care of your nails? Wear them always well trimmed and with a nice manicure? Of course, women like to devote part of our time to them, since they are not only a symbol of feminine appeal, but they also say a lot about our health.
You often speak of how to care for them, how to strengthen them or get, for example, to grow faster. On this occasion, we want to invite you to discover with us a series of references associated with the nails that will not leave anyone indifferent. Will you join us?

1 and if not we cut ourselves never nails?

If not we cut ourselves never nail, obviously, not we could do anything, not even to clean us or eat. Now, have you ever wondered how much could measure? Calculating that about 3.5 millimeters each month, grow, more or less, we could reach 80 years with nails of 3 meters and a half. Chilling, isn't it so?

2 who grow more nails?

This data is interesting. Women always worry because so little that grow us nails, have them fragile, for not doing certain things to avoid us breaking... I.e. are we who we most care about them and, however, is the men who grow them easier.
It also aims this data. Do you know in which station grow more nails? In summer.

3. those annoying white spots on nails

Sure that right now you're looking nails in search of one of those annoying white stains. Do you have any? Then we are sure that also you may have heard that "is due to lack of calcium". Is it true this data? At all. Stains white are to "Leukonychia", small lesions any coup, by the use of detergents or other aggressive substances that produce visible injuries that leave these white spots.

4 care with nail polish!

Do you usually wear painted nails? Then it is possible that you have seen on more than one occasion that, suddenly, your natural nail acquires a yellowish tone. Care, is a danger. This is because our nail not can "breathe" normally, there is a lack of oxygen in the surface layer of the nail, and keep on like this, we can end up suffering an infection.
Allows the nail to be periodically free glazes. Set breaks, at least 10 days a month.

5. fingernails scratching a chalkboard

Is there something more unpleasant than the sound of a few fingernails scratching a chalkboard? It feels uncomfortable and unbearable that almost none of us can endure, but to what it is? According to experts, it is an almost instinctive reaction inherited from our ancestors.
Strong and sharp sounds put us on alert, invite us to escape, to run away. It is known that scratching nails on a similar to a whiteboard surface is achieved a sound with a frequency very fine and unpleasant to the human ear. This nearly natural grima is, therefore an instinctive reflex inherited.

6 nails and our health

Our fingernails, as you may know, say a lot about our health. Brittle nails are a clear sign that we lack nutrients that we need iron, calcium or zinc. It is interesting to know, for example, that nails hair share the same structure: keratin. This element is which gives them strength, so it is important that you always follow a diet rich in protein and vitamins.
If you look at that, at some point, your nails acquire a bluish hue, you must see a doctor to make you a check, since that tends to be associated with lung disease. If you see that they turn a reddish tone, it is possible that suffer diabetes. So, you know, before any irregularity, problem or unusual things you see in them, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.
As you can see, the nails are more than just that element that decorate our hands and offering us a delicate femininity. Nail care and are a direct reflection of our well being inside of our vitamin, hormone balance of our proteins and even our stress.
In those days, for example, we are more anxious and worried, our body tends to stop the supply of nutrients to the hair and fingernails, so these parts of our body are the first to tell us that something happens. So... watch out!
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