Benefits of Red juices: alkalizing and rejuvenating

Beneficios de los jugos rojos: alcalinizantes y rejuvenecedores
Why should we spend time and money on beauty treatments, cosmetics or even supplements rejuvenating, if we have at our disposal very effective and healthy food?
With these delicious juices we obtain the necessary daily amount of nutrients with antioxidant and alkalizing properties, the best way to care for us inside and out in a completely natural way.

Get an alkaline pH

Today, the body of most people is acidified due to poor diet, pollution, toxic habits, stress, lack of exercise, etc.
So our daily struggle should be to Add us as much as possible and thus counteract the negative effects of excessive acidity, which lead us, with the passage of time, to a poor quality of life, suffering from all kinds of diseases and premature ageing.
The first step is the of try that our food is mainly based on alkaline foods. These should form 80% of our diet.
In this article we suggest you start your day in the most healthy way: with 100% alkaline juices, a source of health and vitality.

Antioxidants against aging

Our current feed is not balanced and the food we eat do not usually provide the essential nutrients to be healthy. So we have, in many cases, to take vitamin supplements that address these shortcomings.
However, If we got used to eating superfoods daily will not have as much need to take supplements.
If we take each day one of these red juices we will notice how we feel better inside and our physical appearance also benefits from this.

Juices made at home

Jugos anemia
To obtain these benefits it is essential to develop these juices at home, with a blender or blender, just before taking them. If we buy them already prepared, they will not have these nutrients and, in many cases, they also contain sugar or sweeteners and preservatives that are harmful for health.

By which Red juices?

To develop the Red juices we offer these foods, you'll alternate or combine according to your availability and your preferences. Red foods act as powerful antioxidants thanks to its content of lycopene and anthocyanins, two nutrients that provide us with the following benefits, among others:
  • Protect the heart.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Increase libido.
  • Prevent cancer.
  • Improve the health of the urinary tract.
  • Keep a good memory.
In this case we have selected fruits that meet two requirements. On the one hand, are rich in antioxidants and, on the other, are very alkalizing.


  • Red grapes: grapes contain resveratrol, a component very antioxidant which lies precisely in the skin and the seeds. Some cosmetics include it among their ingredients.
  • Granada: the granada is one of the most antioxidant fruits. For this reason is also sold in pills and tablets.
  • Watermelon: sweet and refreshing, watermelon allows us to produce juices with ease and, incidentally, improves the body's natural ability to eliminate excess fluids.
  • Red fruits, especially the BlackBerry, raspberry and strawberry: the berries are a delicacy and contribute to juice a creamy texture and a large amount of antioxidants.
  • Red Apple: has to be specifically a variety of Red peeling since, although all types are highly recommended, we seek in this case the benefits that gives us the color red.

How are we preparing them?

If we have a blender we will get a very concentrated juices, while if we use the mixer we have to add a little water to the home, especially if they are fruits with a little water.
We recommend choosing organic fruit to produce juices with its peeling.
In the case of the grape, pomegranate and watermelon can even blending or mixing seeds.
Both peeling and seeds are highly nutritious and antioxidants.
We can add a teaspoon of olive, flax or first cold-pressed coconut oilat the last minute the blending or mixing. This oil will help us to better assimilate vitamins and will boost the antioxidant effects of the juice.
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