Infusions to relieve irritable bowel syndrome

Why not use all of the properties of these infusions doing a mixture of Chamomile with anise and Mint?
Infusiones para aliviar el colon irritable
Irritable bowel syndrome tends to be more common in women. Clear causes are not known, but its reality, its incidence, tends to be very painful and affects our daily lives for several weeks and even months. Therefore, we want to offer you natural remedies through medicinal plants that will serve for relief.
Medicinal herbs tend to be highly recommended to treat the effects of irritable bowel syndrome. Anyway, if you have any questions as always you can check with your doctor. Las plants that we are going to recommend are easy to find, no more than go to a herbalist or natural store to purchase the amount you need. A cucaharadita of medicinal herbs for each cup of water, and can take up to two a day is normal. Tell you also to take advantage of its properties, is always recommended that you avoid steel teapots, ceramic, clay are best or porcelain. They are more natural and better get the active principles of medicinal herbs.

Medicinal herbs to treat irritable bowel syndrome

Aniseed infusion

Has a nice taste of licorice. It is without a doubt an excellent plant to relieve stomach and intestinal pain. Relieves swelling, gases and is also antispasmodic, very successful for people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. As appreciation we must tell you that anise is not suitable if you are suffering a period of diarrhea. You know that this disease both alternating diarrhea such as constipation, so in this case, aniseed infusion is only suitable if you are suffering from a few days in which you have difficulty going to the bathroom. To prepare it, you don't have rather than take a tablespoon of aniseed and put them to boil along with a cup of water. You can take it at breakfast and half late.

Infusion of Chamomile

Te manzanillaThe infusion of Chamomile is ideal for treating irritable bowel syndrome and find relief. Its flowers have properties able to reduce inflammation, are also antibacterial and act how relaxing. You can also take two cups a day, and to prepare you need one teaspoon of Chamomile flowers - you can also use the classic infusion bags. Boiling water for ten minutes and allow to stand a few minutes.

Infusion of mint

Mint belongs to the family of plants carminative, anti-espasmodicas, relaxing and sedative. This means that, once they reach our digestive system, will act directly on our stomach and intestines to lower inflammation, reduce pain and provide a relaxing feeling. To prepare it, you need only a tablespoon of dried mint. Boil a cup of water and allow it to rest. It is important that in these infusions you not include sugar, used if you wish to a sweetener such as stevia.

Salvia infusion

Sage infusion is suitable if you are suffering from diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness. They are also common symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome, so this plant with astringent properties are going to be of great assistance. It also has an excellent sedative action which will allow you to relax. Don't try it if you are experiencing these symptoms. To prepare it, you will have 10 grams of this plant, boil it with three glasses of water and allows it to rest 5 minutes. You can drink up to 3 cups a day.

Thyme infusion

The infusion of thyme is another good option where we padezcamos irritable bowel syndrome. This medicinal plant is going to help make the digestion, relieve pain and inflammation, cleaning plus our intestines of toxins and bacteria. As in the rest of infusions, you have enough with one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. It allows to reach boiling and then sit a few minutes.

Infusion of plantain

infusion-de-melissaFenugreek seeds are used normally for diseases of the digestive system, and in particular to protect the gut. It has a high content of vitamin B, appropriate to soothe anxiety, pain and regulate our body when we suffer constipation.
It is recommended to take only once a day, and to prepare it, you must use a tablespoon of these seeds of fenugreek. Boil them and then let the infusion to rest five minutes. Then you don't have rather than filter the contents with a colander and drink slowly. You will provide relief.
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