Look 10 years younger in 10 minutes

Cómo lucir 10 años más joven, naturalmente, en 10 minutos
Almost all want to show off a more youthful skin and beautiful, although we know that it is not exactly easy. In the quest to take care of the skin and look younger-looking, many women have opted to use chemicals or undergo surgical procedures, which could cause adverse reactions and side effects. While it is true that this type of products and cosmetic procedures are effective, the truth is that not all runs them and in the majority of cases it is not the most recommended. Luckily, look young don't always require costly treatments, since some keys allow us to take our years of course.
Can you imagine look 10 years younger in just 10 minutes? It sounds somewhat exaggerated, but it is possible with some care and special tricks. Don't miss these spectacular tips to rejuvenate in 10 minutes.

Fill in your eyebrows

One of the ways faster and more easy to remove years is filling in eyebrows. The rule is: the most complete and natural look your eyebrows, you look more like. So, if you want an perfect eyebrows, get an eye pencil or brush eyebrows with an angled tip. The trick is to make a mixture with the pencil and powder, since the pencil helps to define eyebrows with precision, while the powder helps to keep them with a natural look.

Moisturising cream

If you're that does not use moisturizer to the skin and especially for the face, you will be amazed to see the great difference that can make use of this product. Don't have to invest large sums of money on expensive products that promise to maintain collagen and firmness of the skin. A simple moisturizer may be the key to reduce dryness and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles. In fact, your own moisturizing creams with homemade ingredients you can prepare at home.

It uses a youthful scent

Dare to look and smell younger! Although it costs you work believe it, the use of a youthful perfume can make a difference in your age. Several studies have shown that people associate fragrances with different types of age, so a young perfume can be of great help. Avoids the perfumes based on roses, since these are usually associated with old age.

Soft shades of makeup

The more years, pass more we feel the need to use makeup. However, to look younger applied the phrase "less is more". The use of makeup in strong tones only thing it does is attract more attention and attract looks of fine lines or wrinkles. Instead of using eyeliner black, you choose to use a darker Brown and glad the eyelids with a hot pink or beige eyeshadow.


The blush is another excellent trick to take years off. Today there are different shades of blush that can be easily adapted to different skin types. Choose one suitable for your skin type and apply it properly on the cheeks will help you to look younger. If you are not sure what type of blush you looks good, ask an employee of the store of cosmetics any recommendations or test.
Remember that you for dry or wrinkled, skin cream blush is the best choice because it is easier to apply and better skin.

Lip balm

Brillo labial
The lip balm helps to preserve the beauty of your lips and keeps them healthy. Now there are several lip balms that fill effect, which are perfect to take years off. These balms help look thicker lips hydrated and defined.

Take care of the hands

The skin on the hands is as important as the rest of our skin. It is very important to give very special to our hands care, since they are exposed to different factors that may affect them. Well moisturize hands and protect them from the Sun are the main key to keep them young.

Whiten the smile

Sonrisa perfecta
White teeth are synonymous with youth. There are many natural formulas for whitening the teeth, as well as toothpastes and mouthwashes that can be very helpful.

Change the hairstyle

A new look in your hair from insurance will make you feel 10 years younger in a matter of minutes. Long hair tends to burn in the tips and show off different tone due to exposure to the Sun. A good idea to cut it and add light reflections blond or copper for a different style.

Have more sex

Dr. Weeks, a renowned clinical psychologist of the Hospital Royal in Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom), recently found that men and women who are sexually active appear to be five to seven years younger than their biological age. This study found that having sex two or three times a week can help maintain a radiant and healthy complexion.
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