After Shaving Homemade Cream

Crema casera para después de depilar
More than a taste is in most cases a nuisance. Even more so if your hairs are abundant, which will require less time between hair removal according to the method you choose.
Today there is the conventional method with the Shaver, depilation with wax or depilatory creams, as well as the permanent hair removal with laser, which do not all have access because of the cost involved.
Usually each woman has already established his favorite method. As regards the method more conventional (Shaver) we can say that, though does not produce pain, hair removal is not very durable, since hair will grow and may even present irritation or discomfort according to the sensitivity of the skin.
Waxing is more durable but produces a considerable pain, although it decreases its intensity in the subsequent few epilations, but post-depilation discomfort is usually not pleasant.
In the case of the depilatory creams, do not produce pain and usually not major injury, but the problem is that often the hairs are not eliminated in its entirety with this method.
Then we will give them some tips or tricks to make the hair removal do not provide further discomfort or at least to reduce them.

Tips for a better shave

  • Exfoliate you skin a few days before, so that the hairs are more exposed and none is not hidden.
  • Prevents at least a 24-hour direct exposure to the Sun in the area to be treated, and after epilating also.
  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry, free of any creams or lotions, since it can make difficult the adhesion of the wax to hair.
  • Do not try to epilating for the first time, it is better to go with a qualified person, you can cause you serious burns if you don't have experience.
  • If you find yourself within your menstrual period it is recommended to wait for it to finish to go to a hair removal session. Throughout your body is more sensitive and susceptible to pain in those days.
  • Before starting the session should the application of talc in the areas to be treated.
  • The advantage of this type of waxing is that over time the pain diminishes in intensity, and the hairs are becoming weaker and fine. Keeping the skin smooth longer.

Tricks to avoid irritation

If you're a hair removal at home or with an expert you can take into account the following recommendations:
  • If you use the Shaver if possible it should be new or previously sterilized with alcohol.
  • To avoid the appearance of Red Granites after epilation you can sprinkle baking soda, this will help to close the pores and prevent them to infect.
  • If your skin becomes reddened or irritated, you can wipe a cloth with cold milk.
  • Aloe vera is also a powerful ally post-depilation. You can cut it in half and applied directly to the affected area, it will help to relieve the discomfort caused.

Homemade post-depilation cream:

In the comfort of your home and with readily available ingredients you can develop your own cream after shaving.


You must put a moisturizing in a water bath container cream 3 tablespoons, then add a tablespoon of almond oil and honey. You must remove the mixture to combine ingredients. Removed from the fire and let it cool.
If you want to acquire a greater moisturizing and refreshing effect you can add cucumbers to your mixture right once you've left it to cool.
Once cool apply on dehaired areas and leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of warm water, dry your skin do not make friction with the towel, just soft taps to remove excess water.

Post-depilation antiseptic lotion

This lotion will help you avoid possible infections of the pores after depilation.

Lotion with Rosemary and thyme

A handful of Rosemaryleaves, a tablespoon of thyme or essential oil (5 drops) and ¼ litre of water.
Get an infusion with herbs, allow to cool and place on the shaved area, let it dry until it is completely absorbed the infusion.
Note: if you will use the essential oil of thyme, you must first let cool Rosemary infusion, strain, and then add the oil.
To apply the lotion with greater convenience, you can place infusion in a spray container.
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