A week to clean your kidneys naturally

In addition to take care of our food, to find us better and have more vitality, it is essential that we keep the kidney area warm
Una semana para limpiar tus riñones naturalmente
Kidneys are organs that are in charge of cleaning the blood of potentially harmful substances in urine and regulate the fluids of the body, among other functions. They are vital organs, i.e., essential to life, and therefore we must take care of them and keep them balanced.
In this article we explain how can clean our kidneys simple and natural, conducting a purge of a week we can do once or twice a year.

Previous recommendations

During the week of renal cleaning we will try to not eat the following foods:
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Meat, especially red and sausages
  • Seafood
  • White sugar
  • Refined or table salt
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
If you are taking medication we prior consultation with our doctor, as there may be a contraindication. It is ideal to clean without taking any type of medication.

Horsetail and skin of pineapple infusion

Daily prepare a liter of infusion of horsetail and pineapple skin, which we wash and cut Scarlet prawns before starting to cook. Horsetail has to boil for 10 minutes and stand for five others, while pineapple skin boiled for 20 minutes and will rest another 10 minutes approximately. We can prepare them separately or at the same time, respecting the cooking time.
piña piel haleysuzanne
This infusion, once is warm, we can sweeten it, if we wish, with a bit of Stevia.
We will be drinking it throughout the day, to finish the Middle late (to prevent us going to urinate during the night), always outside meals.
This herbal tea is rich in minerals such as Silicon and helps to eliminate excess fluids and reduce inflammation of the kidneys.
If we tend to suffer urine infections we will also add bearberry to infusion.

Power supply for cleaning

We care food and be strict with these guidelines to obtain the expected benefits. Before and after cleaning, we will try to also take care of a little food so that it is not a too-sudden change for our organism.


For breakfast you can opt for a Smoothie fruit and vegetable drink of oatmeal or rice or some integral toast with tahini (sesame pate), avocado, tortilla or garlic and oil.
batido platano Foodmayhemcom


The meal will begin each day with a stock of onion, which we will prepare an onion for each half litre of water boiling. Marina and Cayenne can flavor you with a bit of parsley, lemon and a pinch of salt.
Second dish we will choose one of the following options, which we will be alternating every day:
  • Brown rice and vegetables
  • White meat and salad
  • Fish and grilled vegetables
  • Cereals (millet, quinoa, oats) with sauce pesto (fresh basil, pine nuts or walnuts, garlic, oil and a pinch of sea salt, crushed everything)
  • Tortilla and guacamole with chips of rice or corn
  • Whole grain with mushrooms and peas pasta
  • Salad of tomato, Arugula, avocado, cucumber, dried fruits, corn, olives and hard boiled egg with toast bread
sopa cebolla lablascovegmenu


The dinner will consist of every day a cream of vegetables (cabbage, leek, carrot, pumpkin, courgette, onion, etc.) that we cook with a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a tablespoon of oatmeal.
For dessert, we'll take Apple baked with dried fruits.

Between hours

If we are hungry mid-morning or average late we will eat fruit or dried fruit (dates, plums, apricots, etc.).

It is essential to drink water

It is fundamental drink throughout the day, outside of meals, according to our needs, pace of life, time of year, etc. We must not abusing water, but yes to keep our body well hydrated. If for example we have inflamed kidney and we're not urinating normally, it is best to not abuse the liquids to be better.
It is especially important to drink warm water in fasting to operate our Organization.

Bring warmth to our kidneys

The kidneys are, along with the liver, the only bodies that can benefit much direct heat application, since they tend to cool down. In addition, the kidneys are closely related to our energy levels, and apply warmth increase our well-being and vitality.
We can do it for half an hour a day, using an electrical mat, a bolsca of water, Moxa, massage or by warming up well throughout the area with natural wool. We will have this Council especially into account in cold times.
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