Bronchitis: food and recommended infusions

Bronquitis: alimentos e infusiones recomendadas
If you've already suffered bronchitis, once you know your risk and its complications. Is an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa which almost always follows a cold or a flu-like infection, caused by a virus. It is as a disease that must be treated immediately. For this reason, we wish to give you some additional advice, which can help you.

Origin and symptoms of bronchitis

Consejos para tratar la bronquitis
Occasionally, perhaps we should leave a little. A poor diet, little exercise, an unhealthy lifestyle... small factors that are causing a great enemy in our body capable of making our defenses down, and, as a result, we're more vulnerable against external agents: changes in temperature, crowds of people where viruses can proliferate... just catching a cold or flu, and far from recovery, the symptoms are getting worse.
A cough that we cannot solve and that we follow throughout the day, shortness of breath, a strange whistling sound in our chest, phlegm... all this, not treated, can derive e pneumonia.
How can the bronchitis be? Good question. If ever have suffered it little more than two weeks, then is a acute bronchitis. The symptoms are just as severe but short-lived, there where viruses attack the respiratory tract and bronchial passages.
In the case of chronic bronchitis can unfortunately take months and even years. The bronchial tubes are inflamed, irritated, produce mucus in excess, and look at the data: this symptomatology is compounded when we are smokers.

Which foods help us to alleviate bronchitis?

Well, the first thing we do when we are suffering from bronchitis, is follow the treatment and guidelines which we establish our physicians. We, for our part, we must strive to lead a healthy life, and include all the foods that can benefit us in our diet. Do you want to know what? Great, here we go.

Vitamins A, C and Zinc

Essential. All foods that include these components will allow strengthening our immune system. So, do not neglect at all the natural juices of Orange and lemon, mango, strawberries, Kiwi fruit, tomatoes, pineapple... And important too, all those green leafy vegetables will also be basic in your dishes. Zinc can also find it by its part in many seeds as the pumpkin, also in peanuts, oysters, mussels, wheat germ... you do not neglect them, you go very well!
The onion, for example, is also a good expectorant that can help much, as well as sesame seeds with a little flaxseed and honey, or even the chicory or ginger. Note You also that it is not advisable to take dairy products, dispenses with them since they complicate our respiratory picture.

Three healthy infusions to the bronchi

A drink that we cannot never fail to calm the cough, is a simple lemon juice with honey. It helps relieve infection and find a rest if it is slightly warm. But now let's see what teas and medicinal plants can help us if we are suffering from bronchitis.

1 infusion of bark of oak and plantain

We find both the oak leaf and plantain in the herbalists and natural stores. Are more than perfect to treat all sorts of breathing problems and to reduce infections and inflammations. To prepare it, it is ideal for you to become an orange juice. Heat it up with a little more than water and add the bark of oak and a few leaves of plantain. Allows to reach boiling, and then take it with honey. You'll love it.
Remember to consume a Cup in the morning and another before going to bed, so it will alleviate significantly the symptoms of bronchitis!

2. tea or infusion of the eucalyptus tree

You'll love its flavor and the effect produced in your body. This type of infusion is very recommended for its medicinal properties in those moments in which suffer from flu, colds, sore throats, chest heaviness... It has antitussive and expectorant principles, you know for example that of the eculalipto made many types of remedies for these cases, so why not use us? Little by little, secretions from your lungs will be resolved, as well as for example possible hoarseness and sore throat.
To prepare it do not need more that a few leaves of eucalyptus, heat a cup of water, leave to reach boiling and stand 5 minutes. It filters the content, as always adds the required teaspoon of honey, and enjoy this infusion especially average afternoon or in the evening.

3. the infusion of leaves of malva

This infusion will serve as a wonderful expectorant, thus relieving any phlegm and that burning and fatigue felt in the chest. We will also serve to mitigate those moments in which we suffer from a simple cold, or we are hoarse or suffer much coughing. Don't try it.
To obtain the benefits of the Mallow against bronchitis, you can take this infusion of two to three times a day. Moreover, if you want you can even make steam or gargle. This way you will go desinflamando your ears throat, slowly and thus improving your breathing. Remember that you can find leaves of malva in the health food shops.
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