9 exercises to firm the bust

The warmup is essential to prevent injury. With these exercises not only lift up you chest, they enjoy more tone and muscle strength.
9 Ejercicios para reafirmar el busto
Bust can lose firmness in different causes, from pregnancy up to the time of lose weight several pounds, poor posture, or the passage of the years. If you want that they look firm and well toned, don't miss the following exercises to firm the bust that you can practice at home or in the gym.

Recommendations before you start

Before carrying out an exercise routine, whether to reaffirm the bust as to any other part of the body, it is necessary that you make movements of warm up for 5 to 10 minutes. This will prevent muscle injuries. On the other hand, remember to maintain good posture and your back as straight as possible.
Exercises to firm the bust will help you to strengthen your pectoral muscles and to obtain good results, it is necessary to repeat them three times a week. You can start with a small weight (a bottle of water or filled with sand, for example) or no weight. Not only lift up breasts, but also you will enjoy more tone and muscle strength.

The best exercises to firm the bust

Breast Firming

Sit in a Chair, always with the supported column in the backs, as right as you can. The stomach inward and your feet flat on the soil completely. Take a dumbbell in each hand and lift them up to the height of the shoulders, across chest. The elbows should form an angle of 90 ° to the sides of the body. Raise the arms, but without stretching them completely, so your elbows will not suffer. Hold the position for five seconds and slowly lower to the starting position. Get three sets of five reps and increase the amount to three sets of 10 reps for the first month.

Opening of chest

In the same sitting position facing in the previous year, with a dumbbell in each hand, palms. Always keeping the elbows flexed. Opens arms to your side. When you do this movement, you inspire. When you close them, you exhale. Get three sets of five reps the first week, three series of eight replicates the second and the third. The first month, you should be doing three sets of ten reps.


It is a very effective exercise, even if it requires certain techniques and practice, you can do so without problems. You won't need any additional element, so any time of the day is ideal for training. Stand facing the wall, separates the feet to the height of the hips. The palms of the hands, at the height of the shoulders placed in the wall. Arms should be straight and parallel each other. Flexing the elbows slowly, doing push-ups, without moving the hands from the wall. When you get as far down as possible, counting to three and climbs. Get some ten repetitions, rest a minute and start again.

Stretch arms

One more simple and popular exercise. Get two weights about 2 kilos each. Sit with your back straight, in a wheelchair, your feet flat on the floor completely. Takes the weights with your hands and stretch arms, they must be kept straight to playing the ears. The next step is to gather the weights overhead. Count up to three returns to the initial position. Get three sets of eight reps with a break of 30 seconds between each series. To start also you can do it without weights.

Weightlifting chest

It is a rather complex exercise you might want to put into practice when others are already practiced. Sit well supporting the back and hold in each hand weighing between 2 and 5 pounds, according to your possibilities. Stretch your arms to the sides and then bends the elbows, so that they are at 90 ° hands. Raise the arms to pull them over the head and returns to the initial position. Be careful not to fall too, should always be at the height of the shoulders. Carried out eight or ten repetitions, rest a minute and get another recurrence.

Butterflies of banking flat

Lie down mouth up on the Bank of the gym. It takes a small dumbbell in each hand. Extends his arms on his chest and then downward, making a slight curve with your elbows, until your arms are parallel to the floor. Remember to keep the slight curvature to return to the original position.

Butterflies of foot

Raised, with legs spread at the height of the shoulders and knees slightly bent. Take a dumbbell in each hand. Stretch your arms to shoulder height and then bring them to the center of the chest. The arms are always parallel to the floor and then spread them out. Get eight repetitions to complete a series and two more series.

Pressure of palmas

Sitting or standing, as it is more comfortable for you, meeting the palms of the hands ahead of the chest. The elbows should be detached from the body, as in the posture of greeting in Eastern countries. Touches the Chin with the tip of your fingers. It exerts a certain pressure for 20 seconds and then rest. Start again and repeat three more times.

Weight forward

Sitting in a Chair, taking the weights with your hands. Extends arms forward, one beside the other. Goes up until it touches the cheek with the arm, stretch arm well. Down to the initial position (at the height of the chest) and repeat with the other arm. Complete other same series and get five reps with each arm.
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