8 tips to get a flat stomach and a healthy lifestyle

8 consejos para tener un vientre plano y una vida más saludable

The belly is one of the areas of our body that most tend to accumulate fat, either as a consequence of the poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal disorders and even diseases. In addition, the belly tends to look swollen by fluid retention, intestinal gas, digestive problems or accumulation of waste, among other problems.

There are many obstacles to have a flat stomach, but with some tips, the goal can be achieved. If you want to achieve a flat belly and look a more stylized figure, do not miss the following 8 tips which, in addition to deflate your belly, will also serve to lead a healthier lifestyle.



The exercise is one of the keys to eliminate localized fat in your belly and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Is important to do, for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise routine, five times a week, since this helps to burn fat more easily. In addition, you can sit-ups, squats or contour waist, including localized exercises.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating plays a very important role in the weight and is a main key to getting a flat belly. It should be reduced to the maximum in the diet foods such as fried foods, chocolates, alcohol, flour, desserts and sweets. And must choose to increase the consumption of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and white meats, such as chicken and fish.

Increase the consumption of fiber and protein

fibra y proteína

Proteins help in the formation of muscle, while the soluble fibers, as of the oats, have given good results in the reduction of abdominal fat. A study of the Wake Forest University (USA) found that people who consumed 10 grams of soluble fiber daily for five years, reduced their abdominal fat 4%. In addition, this type of fiber is good to improve digestion, prevent intestinal gas and prevent constipation.


A great help to have a flatter belly, combat localized fat and Stylize the waist are massages. Ideally, an expert to make you a special session to work your belly, using some kind of slimming. However, you can learn to massage your abdomen in a small circular motion, in both directions, several times a day. Likewise, you can prepare a homemade reducing cream with natural ingredients.

Reduce salt intake


Salt causes retention of fluids in the body and this makes our belly look more swollen. In addition, this product may have, in the long run, other negative effects on health, as it is the case of hypertension. He is recommended to minimize salt intake or replace it with other spices.

Detoxify the body

Many times we ignore it, but our body accumulates a large amount of toxins and debris that can seriously affect the health. This problem prevents our belly to look flat, since it causes inflammation in several areas of the body. In addition, toxins and wastes can impair the quality of life to prevent organs from functioning properly. For this reason, it is important to detoxify the body and stimulate the removal of all debris that we don't need. To achieve a detoxification of the body, it is essential to improve food, choose a special diet or using juices to detoxify.

Appropriate clothing

Of no use buying a size less if this only thing it does is push your body and split "into two" your belly. Choose jeans or skirts that don't fit you very tight and very short people. Try to choose those jeans or skirts climbing right up to the waist, since they make the figure more stylized and "rolls".

Juice to get a flat bellyvientre plano

Finally, after all the above recommendations into account, can complement you consuming a natural juice, which has properties that help you to get a flat belly in less time. This juice is very healthy, because is made with ingredients that reinforce the immune system, helps detoxify the body, it is low in calories, quenches appetite and it is also useful in the event of fluid retention.


  • 6 chopped radishes
  • 2 carrots juice
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
  • 2 tablespoons chopped green pepper
  • Water (the necessary)

How to prepare it?

Put all ingredients in Blender, beat on high speed, strain and drink immediately. Recommended drinking on an empty stomach.



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