Natural medicine for preventing the flu

Medicina natural para prevenir la gripe

According to natural medicine, flu not only depends on the virus itself, but how are our defences. Viruses are all around us constantly, and however there are people who become ill, some more often, and others that do not.

This is why we recommend to prevent naturally, take care of food and try to have a body that viruses do not want to be. So we should remove the causes influenza.

Causes and remedies

One of the possible causes that influence the flu is to have a thermal imbalance. We usually have cold feet? In that case, a good way to prevent it is applying us ginger foot oil or good, as did before, with ground mustard seed on the calcecines, in addition to warm the feet well. We can also buy a heat effect cream. In addition, when we are at home we can do foot baths with hot water for 20-30 minutes, a remedy that will also help us to better rest.

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Bathe the feet with hot water before going to sleep in addition to prevent flu, help have a better break.

Another cause is usually constipation, one of the main diseases flattering.

Many therapists point to the intestine as an essential part of our health, so we have to have in mind in any treatment. The recommendations are: drink plenty of water, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, whole grains, etc. We can also take flax seed every morning on an empty stomach. Put them in the evening with a glass of water and take all of the mixture in the morning.

Finally, a great oxidative, stressis also one of the factors that us defenses down and put us at the mercy of any pathogenic element, since it is also the way you need our bodies ask for a rest.

Some tips

As for power, vitamin C is essential (garlic, potato, pepper, lemon...) and vitamin A (Orange food: tomato, carrot, pumpkin...).

El ajo incrementa las defensas del organismo, mejorando nuestra respuesta a virus y bacterias.

Garlic increases the defences of the organism, improving our response to viruses and bacteria.

A good antiviral natural supplements is the seed extract grapefruit, which in the last years is getting fashionable thanks to its multiple properties.

An old remedy that we can prepare easily if we started to notice any symptoms it would be an infusion of cinnamon, cloves, onions, elderberry and Borage flowers. We would take this mixture all day, combined with a vegetarian diet.

Very effective homeopathy

Finally, one very effective homeopathic remedy both to prevent and to reduce the flu process is the Anas barbarism 9CH, ideal for States influenza-like illness with fever, chills, muscle aches and headaches.

Preventive treatment would be a dose per week during the period of exposure, flu, from October to February. If instead we are in the phase of influenza State, manifesting early symptoms take a dose as soon as possible and repeat it, if it is necessary, every two hours. To improve the symptoms we can go to spacing them.

For fever, we recommend two homeopathic remedies according to the degree that we have. If we have less than 38.5 take salt of Schüssler Ferrum Phosphoricum. If we have more of that temperature will take the salt of Schüssler Kalium Phosphoricum.
We recommend you consult a Naturopath prior to any treatment, even in natural medicine.

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