8 tips to cure with nutrition

8 tips para curarse con la alimentaci├│n
Sure you've heard the phrase "we are what we eat". It cannot be more successful. But it is also true that thanks to the food we can heal many ailments and even diseases. It is good to eat healthy to be fairly healthy. Meet the 8 tips to cure with the power in this article.

The food, the best remedies

In the fridge and the cupboard you have the best pharmacy in the world (or to say if you have a Garden at home). Good nutrition is the basis for not getting sick, to be healthy, to look good, to be always young and stay away from doctors and drugs.
Some of the tips that you'll meet below were compiled or written by Dr. Bernard Jensen and are included in the book nature has the cure.

Eat more raw foods

Yes, there are some that may not be eaten without cooking them, but that does not mean that now again you raw vegan or something like that. Which indicates this recommendation is in your dish 50% raw foods and other cooked (best if they are grilled or steamed, previously boiled or fried). Do not know how? Make salads! You have thousands of ways to combine raw foods such as tomatoes, carrots, celery, lettuce, spinach, Arugula, chicory, peppers, cabbage, etc. Don't forget also the fruits, which all can be eaten raw. Already with this you get the daily dose of food without cooking you both need to feel good.

It takes 80% alkaline and 20% acid diet

First that nothing you should know what each item. Acids reduce your body's pH and alkali increase it. Also have to be in an intermediate level to feel good. When the body is too acid, bacteria and viruses are the ideal environment to live and reproduce, causing many diseases and ailments. On the other hand, when your body is neutral to alkaline, these organisms do not have optimal conditions for their development. The result is health.
Acidic foods (which you should avoid) include sugars and flour white, fats, processed foods, fried foods and fast food in general. The alkaline are vegetables and fruits, especially when they are raw.

It follows the rule of 6 + 2 + 1 + 1

Do you mean? The number of parts that you should consume daily. 6 plant, 2 fruits, 1 starch and 1 protein. In regard to vegetables and fruits are units (for example, a whole Apple is a part). For the starch and protein, you have to measure it in portions (one piece would be a small portion).

Food varies

Variety is the spice, a popular saying. Put it into practice in your diet. Although you've cooked a lot of a single dish, don't repeat every day of the week the same thing. Not only because you will get bored very much, but also because not adding all the nutrients that your body needs. It is true that eating salad of lettuce and tomato every day is better than a Burger, however, vitamins and proteins that these two vegetables have no shortage of you or, at least, not enough. We encourage you to try new, quick and easy to prepare in a few minutes recipes.

Eat enough

This does not mean until you do not enter or one single bite more. It is not good to eat until you are completely full or satisfied. The stomach needs space to move their digestive juices and do their job. If you are seated, it will be harder to get it. A good idea to not fill you both to eat slowly. So to give him time to the stomach so that "alert" to the brain that it is satisfied. Another option is to divide the food into five portions, of greater to lesser amounts: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. Do not go to bed too full stomach.

Combine the meat with salads

If you like to eat meat, always prefers the lean (when it is red) or white meats such as chicken and fish. The weekly dose should be: 3 times fish, 2 times chicken and red meat once. Avoid pork and choose how to cook healthier, i.e., baked, grilled or steamed. When to eat meat (any of them), combine it with salads fresh and not drink sugary soda, but water. In this way, the stomach will do the job better (also, because meat is an acidic food for the organism).

Choose the best cooking

In relation to what we have already said before, it is good for you to be more aware of the way that you prepare your food. The recommended options are: baking, grilling or cooking steam if you're not going to eat something raw (or 50% of your remaining intake).

It combines good food

In this aspect there is a rule of thumb, because it all depends on each person. Some will say that if you eat rice can not combine with pasta or vegetables, others who need, yes or Yes, a little "green" in your plate, are those who say that if there is no meat is not food, etc. What if you should know, for example, is that it is not good to eat fruit right after lunch or dinner, because the sugar ferments as alcohol in the body. Either eat the same intake carbohydrates and proteins, since the digestion process is quite the opposite, and can generate a big problem at stomach level.
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