What problems cause to drink not enough water?

Poor hydration can be the trigger for various ailments, from headaches to cancer of the bladder or reduced physical and mental performance
¿Qué problemas causa consumir poca agua?
Maintaining proper hydration is essential for the proper functioning of the whole organism in general, as so many times we have recommended it, is necessary to consume at least two liters of water per day, if we ignore this important routine we will be exhibiting to suffer serious health problems.
After many studies and research, it has been demonstrated that when not consumed quantities of water recommended and required for the body, increases the risk of a large number of health problems, especially those who must perform many physical activity. The most frequent pathologies that people suffer from lack of proper hydration are those that have to do with the kidneys, it can in addition also suffer from circulatory and intestinal problems.
Other health problems that may occur for failure to consume enough water may be strong pain head (as migraines), since the brain and eyes are not getting the water needed; the lack of hydration in these organs can cause severe inflammation in internal and posterior parts of the eyes, which can result in loss of vision. The symptoms of dehydration can be cramping, severe pain head, a feeling of tiredness, fatigue, severe muscle pain and frequent changes of mood.
People who performed many activities, whether at work or doing exercise, must drink water frequently and without waiting to be thirsty, since the lack of water in the body may be the main cause of the headaches, the progressive loss of mobility, colon and bladder cancer, as well as also loss of much of the capacity of understanding and physical and mental performance.

The importance of water in digestion

Water is fundamental to bowel properly perform its function, since the lack of fluid makes digestion much more slowly and for this reason accumulations of debris or feces may form in the large intestine, which leads to constipation as annoying. If these accumulations remain long time there cause inflammation and pain in the colon, in the most serious cases may be infections, which receives the name of colitis.

Benefits of the water consumption in the prevention of diseases


As we already know, arthritis is caused by the alteration or wear of the cartilage, which is the tissue that is found in the joints and takes care of the movements are much softer and not provoke rods between the bones. So far the cause of arthritis is unknown and, in addition, there is no medicine that cure, since only anti-inflammatory drugs and pills are prescribed to relieve pain.
However, it is important to give to know all the people who suffer from this disease in greater or lesser degree of aggressiveness, that the cause of your condition may be due in large part to the lack of hydration, as cartilage contain large amounts of water in order to maintain the well lubricated joints and this allows that the bones do not rub each other achieving that movements are much smoother without the typical damage from arthritis.

Low back pain

What has been said about the importance of proper hydration to prevent arthritis problems, it is the same thing that is recommended to avoid the pains of column, vertebral joints required water to maintain its functions and avoid friction between the vertebral discs.


In the majority of cases the migraine is caused by lack of hydration, since this is especially due to the inability of the body to regulate temperature and for this reason the vessels are dilated, causing strong headaches. In this case a glass of cold water should be taken, to lower body temperature from inside, if we hydrate us steadily surely it won't be any attack of migraine (if our cause is hydration).

Depression and chronic fatigue

In general, depression is caused by the stress that is regularly due the large infinity of both family and business problems that are handled daily.
Attached to the depression we can meet with the sadness and the decay, which can be caused by lack of water in the body, especially in the brain, since this requires electricity to operate, which is generated from within the body. Therefore if we are not sufficiently hydrated and frequently the body can not generate the energy needed by the brain, its performance will be quite inefficient.


Therefore, we must emphasize that proper hydration is the most simple and effective way to maintain the health of all the organs of the body and therefore have a more fulfilling and peaceful life. These are reasons enough not to leave forgotten water bottle, should be aware and take account of the recommendations above, if we want to maintain a quality of excellent life for many years and regardless of age.
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