5 Pilates exercises to reduce waist, hips and thighs

In addition to these exercises, it is very important that we make 5 meals a day, consume plenty of water and that we maintain a healthy and balanced diet
5 Ejercicios de Pilates para reducir cintura, cadera y muslos
Areas where it accumulates more fat are usually the waist, hip and thigh. This problem is quite common in women whether by Genetics or by bad habits that have daily, as result we can get to feel low self-esteem or even physical health problems that we can affect in different ways.
To combat the accumulations of fat there is a simple method that makes effective the results, must be aware that this influence several factors which we must control to reduce the problem and feel satisfied with the results.
Today we are going to present some Pilates exercises ideal for reducing the fat accumulated in the waist, hips and thighs, in a natural way and with spectacular results.

Leg lift

Elevacion de piernas
In this exercise the concentration and balance is essential. First must lie on side with the head resting on the arm and the legs over each other.
Climbing up leg fully stretched, while you do it you should contract the abdominal muscles and you should avoid arching the lower back.
Another position that you can use is to support your hands on the floor. Once you do them, extends the right leg outward and backward in such a way that it forms a straight line with the torso.
For any of the positions you must keep in balance for at least 5 seconds, should do 20 repetitions and switch sides.


Lie down face up and raises your leg upwards while holding the other in the soil firmly stretched. Seeks to bring your leg to the top but without raising the back, back up the leg slowly over 10 times and then do it with the other leg.

Side kick

For this position you must lie on side with the flexed elbow to keep your back straight. Moves the legs slightly forward from the hips, this will help to maintain the balance and protect the lumbar zone. You should avoid moving the hip or back, only move the leg completely straight.


This exercise is ideal to reduce the waist and it also seeks to extend the column. To begin you will have to sit on the floor with your legs bent to the left, your back should be straight and you must tighten your ABS. As you inhale, raise the right arm stretching gently and get on a curve on your head. Slightly tilt the torso from the waist upward in the same direction as the arm, trying to keep this position a few seconds and returns to the initial position. Place your hand on the ground and then stretched the other as much as you can by lifting the hips upwards, trying to keep several seconds and repeat about 5 times.


This exercise will work the buttocks, waist and legs. To start you must lie down face down with the body fully stretched. Then flexed legs and holds the ankles with your hands on the outside.
With the body and hips on the floor, get two breaths and try to stretch out as much as you can while maintaining the position.
You breathe in and tense the arch carrying the foot backwards and up, raising the legs from the ground and keeping arms extended as much as you can. It's lifting the chest and the head of the ground without losing the tension of the bow on the side of your legs.
Exhale gently and descends to the floor to rest a moment.
Returns and takes the previous position, taking into account that the arc should be fine stressed and the body should be just resting on the abdomen. Tries to maintain the posture perfectly from 20 seconds to a minute, breathe soft and prevents losing control of the position.
Finally returns to descend gently, loose ankles, stretch your hands and rests.

Tips for best results

To have better results with these exercises, it is important to take into account other factors such as food.
  • It includes a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and fish in your diet.
  • Stop the consumption of foods with high levels of fat and cholesterol; avoid fried foods, junk food, soft drinks, among others.
  • It takes at least one liter of water daily.
  • Divide food into small portions for several hours a day.
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