5 techniques to improve your memory and mental agility

5 técnicas para mejorar tu memoria y agilidad mental
You don't know where you've put the mobile charger? You forgot that important appointment? Do you feel that you are losing a bit of mental agility? What do you already are not as creative as before? Do not worry. The brain is like a muscle that we can exercise through a bit of daily exercise.
You will learn what are the best techniques to improve your memory and mental agility. You see change notes in your day to day!

1 avoid the routine, get something new every day

It is important to note that one of the greatest enemies to our memory and our mental agility is to do the same every day. Work, household chores, going to buy, do this, do that... Little by little, we fall into a routine that creates a sort of sensory deprivation where the brain has no stimuli which activate.
Monotony and those routines that never change impoverish our creativity and offer us no new situations of which learn, experience and enjoy. Thus, it would be vital that every day you did something different at the time where possible.
Maybe that today, to get home, you can do some yoga exercises. Tomorrow go for a walk, the other join dance classes... What you believe, but... Remember break your routine!

2. focus on the here and now

Another problem we often have very often is to think about thousands of things while we are doing something in particular. It is possible that while you're making dinner, your mind is reviewing all that you've done during the day: think talks, problems, what are you doing tomorrow and in obligations that you have ahead.
However do know what is happening really? you're losing your present, your "here and now"! And why do not you realize if you have turned off fire or not, if ever been at such an hour with that friend. If you do not focus on what you're doing, your brain divagará in a vague cloud without ever focus their attention. Values plus the present!

3. go for a walk and relax your mind!

Walking should become your daily vitamin, in that "natural tranquilliser", in that "miraculous antidepressant". It is a great way to improve your memory and mental agility because it is an exercise that you rooted to the present, which makes you to be aware of your body, those feet that touch the ground, of that heart that gets underway.
In turn, walking desahoga tensions and free weights, and when that happens, when we let go all of those charges, the mind is free to think, to imagine, to create... do you start to put it into practice?

4. do the sense of humor, laughter and not to the obsessive thoughts

There are those who have the unhealthy habit of constantly feeding negative thoughts: "I will not be able to with this", "I'm a disaster, always things I forget", "I can trust my memory", "sure I forget and put the leg"...
It is also worth to say that, sometimes, these negative thoughts come brought about by those who surround us, who are responsible for reminding us that we are indeed a forgetful. And there is nothing worse. If you case of these ideas, you even more reforzarás your memory and your self-esteem will be weakened.
Do not listen to them. Stop the flow of negative thoughts in your brain and begins to see life with a good sense of humor, learns to laugh and see the good things. Sometimes it is hard, we know it, but the laughter desahoga voltage and relativizes tensions. And a stress-free brain sits better memories and more nimble mentally.

5 I know creative: weaves, write, dance, draw

To improve memory and mental, as well as encouraging our positive emotions and to break with routine alertness, it is important to never lose the ability to learn new things.
How can we learn new things? It is not necessary that we now matriculemos in a college career. Life is full of large and small things that learn and, believe it or not, you will not cost too much money. Only need your own will and one or two hours a day to practice them.
Would you like some simple examples?
  • Knitting: this exercise so ancestral hides really big benefits for your physical and mental health. You develop creativity, ease stress, encourage social relationships to share techniques, focus your attention and meet your goals. We encourage you to hand knitting, you'll love it.
  • Lee, write: There are thousand books, thousand new worlds to discover, they will help you, no doubt, to have more mental agility and improve your memory. It's like bringing "fuel" to the brain and all that is good to keep it young and their cognitive processes in good condition.
  • The advantages provided by Internet: Not everything would be bad things at all. The network is all an ocean of learning to discover that you can offer interesting techniques to improve your memory. There are games and very appropriate programs that can help you and which are really effective. Don't hesitate to try them.
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