What makes us "goose bumps"? How to break with it?

¿Qué nos produce la “piel de gallina”? ¿Cómo acabar con ella?
Goosebumps is an allergic reaction caused by a protein called keratin, this condition It is generated more often in young people or in some women who have just been a birth. When it comes to an allergy outbreak is accompanied by an uncomfortable itching and irritation which is often confused with acne.
Skin of chicken or keratosis pilaris occurs most frequently on arms and legs, although may occur in any other part of the body. Then we are going to learn some natural treatments that can help to eliminate or at least greatly improve the appearance of the skin, but first we need to know something more about this problem.

What we know about the "goose bumps"!?

  • Goose bumps can occur in any person regardless of sex or age, Furthermore this condition can generate different reactions or types of eruptions.
  • Goose bumps can be located more often in the arms and legs, but can also occur in the back, cheeks and buttocks. The symptoms of this condition are quite notorious, since it causes an outbreak of small grains and much redness, hives and itching that are too annoying.
  • Goosebumps in the majority of cases of genetic, character but there are shoots that are due to the excessive dryness of the skin, by this reason is essential to keep the body well hydrated, through the frequent consumption of water and apply a good moisturizing creams in the morning and the evening.

How can we prevent it or treat it?

Aloe vera
  • Performs a scrub at least once a week, in addition during bathing is recommended to massage the parts affected with a pad or a special glove. Pumice is another good option to reduce the appearance of these awkward and anti-esteticas rashes.
  • Apply aloe vera gel after massage, either with the glove or with pumice stone; Let it act on parties involved for fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinse with water fresh, this is very important and effective to reduce the redness of the skin. Then apply a good moisturizing cream.
  • If the eruptions cause excessive itching, it is advisable to apply a calendula cream or apply compresses of camomile, this refreshes the skin and helps to eliminate itching.
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