5 remedies to relieve your cramps

5 remedios para aliviar tus calambres
All have experienced that sudden and uncontrolled cramp that has offered us his Lash of pain. But what happens when the cramps become continuous? What can we do when every night suffer them in our legs? Don't worry, we offer simple remedies to relieve his appearance.

Why do we suffer muscle cramps?

Tratar los calambres
Cramps are involuntary muscle spasms or contractions that generate enough pain, appear suddenly and sometimes us frozen with his uncontrolled condition. But why do they appear?
  • Often keep a same position for a long time and with tension, triggers known cramps. It is typical for example when we exercise without having warmed up beforehand.
  • Have to take into account that a wrong feed could also derive that suffer higher incidence of cramps. A lack of hydration, not drinking enough water, do not have enough level of potassium and minerals in our body, or even suffer certain illnesses, can produce them.
  • Muscle fatigue.
  • Many drugs have as a side effect the occurrence of cramps. Hence the importance of consulting with our doctor.
  • When we sweat much, or sufrimos many days of diarrhea, is common to also feel cramps due to imbalance of mineral salts.
  • Cold, anemia and stress are also realities to keep in mind. Our body loses protection, loses its natural equilibrium, hence they usually appear. Remember to also take care of your stress levels, this tension can also make appear your cramps.
  • The lack of vitamin E.
  • The fibromyalgia.
  • Keep in mind also that the immobility and the sedentary lifestyle is also a factor to consider. Our muscles stop working as they should, are slowing and can even stunt is early. Once come to adulthood have to improve a little more our life habits, since cramps can appear already to a greater extent.

Tips to relieve cramps

1 Learn how to prevent cramps

The best to avoid cramps is certainly prevent them. Therefore, it is ideal to keep at an adequate level your electrolytes, and your levels of potassium. And do we do? you might wonder. Very easy. In the morning you should prepare a more nutritious and useful based on banana and kiwi smoothie. It leads to your blender a banana, kiwi and half a glass of water. Mix well and drink it slowly. As in this way you will see raisins overnight in an excellent way, well nourished. And your cramps disappear.

2 care when you do exercises

Can you have decided to do some exercise daily. Go jogging, do some swimming... is very well. But keep in mind that you should warm up your muscles, these can not start work soon in a way so intense if you haven't done a few small stretches first with which go by heating them. Remember also not to make sudden changes in intensity in your training activities. See gradually rising level. In this way you will be preparing to muscle and avoid falling into extreme fatigue . There where always appear the cramps.

3 say no to night cramps

masajes en las piernas
We know it, it is very easy to say, but how we get a night quiet without leg cramps? Ideal when night comes you give you a good warm bath, then, get a massage on the legs with oil of eucalyptus or romero. These oils can also find them in natural stores, and they are wonderful for promoting circulation, toning and relieve the pain of tired legs. Try it and you will see how your night cramps are reduced.

4. the miracle of the horse-chestnut

Have you heard about the chestnut pigs? It is a very effective remedy to relieve tired legs, reduce varicose veins and avoid cramps. A great ally improves our circulation thanks to its content of aescina, to tone up the arteries and capillaries, strengthen the walls of the veins and relieving the symptoms of cramps. Pharmacies you can find it in the form of cream make you massages, and natural stores it is usual to buy it in the form of capsules. It is normal to take one capsule in the morning, but you do not have more than read its dosage in the box when you buy it to know how much will be the most appropriate. But without a doubt the horse-chestnut stands as one remedy more than excellent.

5. apple cider vinegar

Vinagre de manzana
Apple cider vinegar will serve both for internal and external use. It is a great tonic, promotes proper circulation and is a great partner for muscular pain. We can for example get rubbing on mid-afternoon at our legs, that mode will be able to sleep better. And also, you can prepare an excellent drink to avoid cramps in other areas as for example in the hands. It's a tea that is carried out with a teaspoon of Red Raspberry leaves and a cup of boiling water. Let stand for 10 minutes, then, put half a teaspoon of Apple Cider vinegar and a little honey. Maybe that it seems a bit strange, but it is a very old remedy to reduce cramps. If you dare with him, take two cups a day. You'll see how its going well.
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