5 mistakes we usually make when taking a bath

5 errores que cometemos a la hora de tomar un baño
There is nothing more common than taking a bath. However, did you know, sometimes there are things we do wrong without realizing and which are not good for us?
You can be curious, because there is nothing more pleasant, relaxing and hygienic to give us a good shower in the morning or a bath with suitable essential oils to late in the day to go to bed well relaxed.
Then, what you can be doing incorrectly? Check it out below!

1 beware of very hot baths or showers

Bano relajante
We know it. Few things are so nice and give us a hot bath to get home to be able to relax. However, what happens if the temperature is very high and we are for example under the shower about 15 or 20 minutes?
  • The danger of that, out of the shower, notes a strong thermal difference and you be dismayed.
  • The hot water can do that we lose part of our essential oils, those that the skin needs to be smooth and hydrated. What makes hot water is to open the pores, and this is the moment in which we can suffer a small imbalance.
  • Best thing is that we are not long with hot water. It is enough for about 5 or 6 minutes. Then, follow your bathroom with a warmer temperature. You should never burn you!

2. care to dry your

There are who, at the end of your bath, take the towel and dried up with a very energetic and vigorous way. If the towel itself is also somewhat dry, then we will be damaging our skin, getting it to irritate and, little by little, is much drier.
Ideally, use a soft towel that will allow you to dry your skin with very delicate circular movements, eliminating excess moisture but always without rubbing. Bathrobes, for example, are really comfortable and adequate, since it allows us to wrap ourselves warmly at the same time that the skin dries almost without realizing.

3. Beware of your towels!

Sometimes the danger on the towels is not alone in that they are rough and us could irritate the skin. Another risk is to be a scenario more than suitable for the cultivation of bacteria and germs the reason? The moisture that tends to stay in its fibers if we do not dry them well.
Sometimes it is not enough with a towel smell well. There are times that are already too old, which are already saturated with chemicals in our detergents, causing that, in the end, suffer small allergic reactions. Thus, the most appropriate is renew them periodically to avoid unforeseen and health problems.

4. the risk of using too much SOAP

Jabon de naranja
It is not the same thing if we are athletes and we sweated much if only we sweated and we just want to give us this daily shower to start the day. I.e., it all depends on each person, but there are who used too much these soaps rich in perfumes and smelling as well, without knowing that what are being implemented in many occasions is a high amount of alcohol and other chemicals that alter the pH of your skin, which is responsible for already naturally defend us from external agents such as mites bacteria or other microorganisms.
The most recommended? Use the right amount of SOAP always mixed with water. And another point: if they are natural soaps like the image above, much better.

5 beware of sponges

This is funny and it is worthwhile to keep that in mind. Dermatologists tell us, the more appropriate and healthy for our skin would be use sponge in our bathrooms just two times per week and dry with sunlight after using them to avoid colonization with molds that can cause infections, fungus, or Folliculitis.
  • The most practical is to apply the SOAP by hand and just the right amount, as you have indicated above. You can naturally use one made with Glycerin and oatmeal, allowing you to take care every day of your skin through your body without the need for a sponge.
  • More later, and two days a week, is really useful make us an exfoliation with a good sponge, like the Loofah sponge that you have already spoken on our space. In this way, we eliminate dead cells and reestablish the balance of our epidermis.
Always remember these simple aspects when take your bath. They will be you very well!
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