How to imitate the grandmothers kitchen

To get the flavor of those dishes attempts that all the ingredients are fresh and natural. Remember to add spices to give that special touch to your recipe
Cómo imitar la cocina de las abuelas
There is no doubt, grandmothers cooked better than anyone. Surely you remember more than one dish she prepared for you when you were little. But to turn, three generations before the current one, the kitchen was lived otherwise. To return to those days, eating healthier, more home and devote more time to lunch and dinner, read the following article where you will learn how to imitate the cooking of grandmothers.

Grandma kitchen is the best: universal truth

You don't know anyone who can deny it, there's nothing like Grandma, "nona" meal or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately, at times running, we don't have enough time (or do not seek it) for cooking as it did or does she, dedicating more hours a day to prepare the meal, a way of showing affection like no other.
Well home, generous dishes with ingredients or secret quantities, a great book with recipes... all that has been forgotten. However, increasingly the women who "dare" to copy what they did their grandmothers, cooking as the best, or at least being different from the others who only eat salad, fast food and delivery by not cooking (of which there are many).
These items will help you cook like your grandmother, but with several years less:
  • You have the proper utensils: the correct and complete instruments can not miss in your kitchen. Maybe don't have much place as they were before the houses, where this environment was the largest home, but at least tries to have most of the necessary elements for each recipe. You can borrow for a special occasion or use a utensil for more than one function. A stew pot is not the same as a saucepan to boil rice, a skillet to make tortilla is not equal to the frying an egg, etc. But now it's all done in plastic or silicone, it's "return" to the stainless steel pans of mud, wooden spoons. The meal will have another taste. Leave aside the teflon and the microwave.
  • Having the necessary equipment: a little complementing the former idea, but also has to do with your appearance. Do not hesitate to use an apron with pockets, for example, have handmade recipe book, you can get a dress for lounge, etc. That does not lack anything in that effort to cook like she. Get space in the kitchen or at the table according to the preparation, turn off the TV or the radio, vibrator makes mobile and get to work.
  • Multiplies the amounts: more than once happened to you that you spurt on his return from your grandmother's House, as five more kilos. This is because they love to Cook as "a battalion", because they always want to eat more, because they think that otherwise do not like that prepared, or because "you look so skinny". If they are five to the table, kitchen as if they were fifteen. Then, you will need a pot "XL" and a fridge and a pantry full of food.
  • Please note the menu: recalls a typical Sunday in your grandmother's House. Started by the incoming, that could be a vegetable soup, followed by pasta with sauce, continued with the meat and salad or potatoes and ended with a good coffee and homemade dessert. When you thought you were going to explode, it was time for the masses with the tea. Well, something similar has to happen in your kitchen and the amount of dishes that you cook. What may never miss are: tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables and bread.
  • Have a "strong point": it may be difficult to choose an only dish that you your grandmother prepared because they are all delicious. However, at a family reunion always say is, do you remember such dish making the grandmother Mari? Or that the grandmother Carmen stew was the best of all? From this you should also remember. A dish that I love to Cook, do it for a long time and is always well, no need to look at the amount of flour, oil or salt, and they all say that at your table is a classic.
  • Choose a "secret ingredient": it can be green onion or until a flavoring broth (can take some "modern inventions"). What if not can you tell anyone what it is. The objective is to achieve more than one tells you "this dish is delicious, what have made you?" It has a special taste." It is there when you esquivarás with a "is what I found in the cupboard".
  • Don't forget the 'dessert of header': as we have said before, grandmothers always include dessert in your meals, and it is not a simple" fruit". It has to be a recipe that really worthwhile to try, that much, you know that like all you like, etc.
  • Uses fresh, seasonal and local foods: before there were large markets where to go shopping, arranged them with an old site a few blocks from the House. But the good thing about this place is that I had more fresh vegetables or dairy newly ordained. Today we consume all processing, semi cooked, frozen, etc. None of that is present in the kitchen of the grandmother. Recipes were simple and nutritious, to leave you full and not wanting to no snack or snack for hours. Less meat, less sugar and less toxic in your dishes and don't forget to add spices.
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