5 bad habits that harm our bones

Besides being harmful for the cleansing of our body, lack of sleep hinders the mineralization of bones by which can lead to osteoporosis
5 Hábitos que dañan nuestros huesos
And you would take care of how your bones? The truth is that we are sometimes not aware. We eat improperly, support too much weight in our bags, carry a sedentary lifestyle and, little by little, with the passing of the years, appear the pains and problems. How to avoid them? Don't worry, we explain what you should change to improve your bone health.

Everyday aspects which harm our bones

Have to be clear: our current lifestyle, determined the bone health of tomorrow. Our bones need a type of care and specific power that can prevent certain types of diseases such as osteoporosis, as well as injuries, early fractures of hip.... etc. So and if we take note and start to change or improve certain aspects of our life habits?

1 feed harming our bones

Bebidas gaseosas
We know it, our body mass index depends above all on our level of calcium, essential for maintaining firm and strong bones. Vitamin D is also essential to do so, but on many occasions, even knowing it, we ignore it. But it is more, it is possible to even that you try taking calcium daily, but if you combine them with another type of food of anything you will serve, since there are certain elements which are gradually undermining the level of calcium in the bones. Do you want to know what?
  • Soft drinks, especially the cola drinks. Why? they have a high amount of phosphoric acid that precisely reduces the absorption of calcium. Thus, it is better to avoid them. In addition our kidneys suffer much to process these drinks with gas.
  • Coffee. Well it is true that a cup of coffee is good for many things, know it, but it is always advisable to not exceed two cups a day. The Café has recruited, substances that increase the excretion of calcium through urine, so slowly what it does is to encourage bone demineralization. Remember, don't take more than two cups of coffee daily.
  • Salt. We know it, salt is bad, but it is that we also decalcifies. It is better to avoid it to her, and all that contains it. It is particularly important to reduce consumption, meats, preserves, canned food, snacks and crackers.
  • Red meat. They are especially harmful to bones. They are rich in sulfur amino acids, elements that increase unless we realize, expel the calcium in the urine. Remember that it is always preferable to obtain proteins by plants.

2. lack of sleep

Rest is an essential biological need. But something that we know is that our body performs essential for debugging, and detoxify cycles, processes which are initiated in the lymphatic system, continue with the liver and which gradually restoring and rebalancing our basic functions. This just got when we're mired in a full night's sleep. According to a study published in the Journal Evidence-Based-Medicine, not sleep well harms the health of bones and bone marrow, reduce and hinder the mineralization of the bones, causing us to suffer tomorrow osteoporosis. What about if we try to follow a few hours, dinner early, take a shower hot before going to sleep, and get a good night's sleep?

3. don't smoke!

No Fumar
People who resort to this harmful habit, tend to have weaker bones. And in particular, the impact is more pronounced in women who reach menopause are more likely to suffer broken bones. So, if this is your case, begins to consider leaving cigarettes for the sake of your health.

4. caution with bags and heels

Many of the customs that we women can, in the long run, damage our bones. The use of high heels for example affects our body posture, as well as the bones of the feet, calves and back. At the end of the day we already feel their pain and the consequent fatigue, but it is that over the years we can suffer serious problems. You better choose a medium and more comfortable heel. Sure that also you look sexy with them.
And what is there to say about bags. Sometimes we can finish loading until 10 kg almost without realizing. Are discomfort, pain, contractures... they may even affect bone structure. We must pay attention to the size, the type of strips, shape and the weight of the bag, also if we use them daily, can affect other parts of the body such as shoulders, arms and hands.
We have to go with special care with large bags, the so-called 'Tote'. Remember to load them each time in a shoulder, without overloading us. With respect to portfolio bags or known as 'Satchel', cause that weight falls on the shoulder, and also that the hand being overloaded. Our elbows do not suffer and not end up suffering one must be careful also of "epicondylitis". In this case, it is advisable to take them with very low weight and change arm every so often.
So what is the most suitable? The healthier for our backs, arms and shoulders is the style 'shoulder', with wide and padded handle and be glued to the body, without swinging.

5. how sedentary lifestyle? No thanks

Already by our work, which requires us to keep the same positions all day, or because we take a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, never is already other that we begin to become aware of this passivity to remedy it. The bones become weak, lose their strength, their agility, joints and are not as strong... year after year we will end up feeling the aftermath of this sedentary lifestyle, so and if we started walking daily with a friend? Try it!
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