3 effective ways to get the juice of a pomegranate

3 modos eficaces de obtener el jugo de una granada
Few juices are so healthy for our bodies as Pomegranate juice. Taste delicious, soft and attractive color, is that as good option for our breakfast when comes the season of this fruit, hence, today we want to explain to you what is the most appropriate way to obtain their juice.
The truth is that get Pomegranate juice is for many people something tedious. We have to cut it, shelling it little by little and then often discover that, Furthermore, this juice tends to stain the skin on our hands.
What can we do? How can we get your juice in an easier way? We give you 3 interesting options.

1. the easiest: with extracting machine

Easier impossible. You won't have to worry about stain you hands, by having to reel off the fruit, or by having to wait a long time to get this delicious juice. To do this, do the same that with an orange or a lemon: you do not have more than cut the pomegranate in half and then squeeze it in the food processor.
Once you have obtained the desired amount of Pomegranate juice, it would be appropriate that you spend it through a strainer. The reason? It is usual that small traces of skin, which tends to have an uncomfortable taste bitter.
So, don't hesitate, strain Pomegranate juice and you'll see delicious and pleasant that it is to the palate. It's the easiest way!

2. to obtain through a plastic bag Pomegranate juice

Surprising but true. This technique is often used many people accustomed to drinking Pomegranate juice. In this case we do not need any electric appliance and can, therefore, get us a trouble at any given time. To do this, you only need a plastic clean and medium sized bag.
Firstly, we have to do is reel off the fruit. You can use two to three grenades. Then fill the bag with these health and flavor-filled Crimson seeds. Next? Used a kitchen mallet to crush the shells carefully. Lean on a firm surface, such as you see in the image above, and sees tapping to obtain fruit juice.
Now, you only have to break the tip of the plastic and go by pressing out the liquid and be able to fill the glasses. A technique somewhat rudimentary as we have already said, but that, without a doubt, gives us the same result.

3. get through the mixer Pomegranate juice

Can a more simple and effective way there be? The mixer is our ordinary resource, that we always have at hand and so useful is for get rich juice and smoothies. In this case, is also very effective for grenades, and therefore only have to reel off the fruit and fill the mixer as you see in the picture.
Uses high speed so that the fruit is well homogeneous and will allow us to obtain a juice without too many strokes, however, the most appropriate is then pass it through a sieve. In this way we removed small pieces of skin or elements that are not comfortable to eat.
Remember to properly clean your kitchen appliances, because it is usual that Pomegranate juice staining machines. So, for example, when we do must or grape juice black.

Why is Pomegranate juice it so healthy?

Pomegranate juice is one of the most medicinal drinks that you can include in your diet. In addition to its delicious flavor, it stands as a very effective remedy for various ailments that you must take into account. We explain them you briefly:
  • Relieves stress: Pomegranate juice increases general well-being, increases endorphins and mood. It is ideal to start the day.
  • Lower cholesterol: Yes, the Pomegranate juice will help you to reduce the so-called bad cholesterol or LDL. Its secret lies in its high level of antioxidants. is very effective!
  • Takes care of our heart health: Few natural drinks are so medicinal to take care of our arteries and eliminate that excess fat that causes atherosclerosis. In addition, it's perfect for reducing high blood pressure and improve blood flow to the heart.
  • An anti-cancer drink. Drinking Pomegranate juice provides us with an excellent level of antioxidants, perfect to protect us against the attack of free radicals. In addition, according to numerous studies, the pomegranate is most suitable fruit to reduce, for example, the progress of prostate cancer. It is very rich in polyphenols, tannins and anthocyanins, which play an important role to curb the advance of cancer cells.
  • Suitable for reducing abdominal fat. Pomegranate juice is very suitable to eliminate fat, especially those located in the waist, and purify the body. What if we take two glasses a day?
Do not hesitate to prepare your Pomegranate juice. Choose the way that is most comfortable and begin to take advantage of all its properties.
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