6 errors in your habits of beauty

6 errores en tus hábitos de belleza que nunca debes cometer
There are small details in our beauty rituals that, occasionally, make us appear older, we grow older or even give us an air of weariness. There are things without importance of which we are unaware, since sometimes we managed and maquillamos us in a hurry, without paying too much attention to the final result.
What if now we consider these errors in our beauty habits? If you correct them or avoid them, you potenciarás further your natural beauty. Do not miss it!

1. Frizz and dark circles? Combination to avoid

There are days when we don't have much time to tame those curls or those waves and, consequently, bristling hair causing the annoying "frizz" that all we know. If in addition we haven't put us a good concealer for dark circles, the end result will be regrettable. We will give a very striking image of exhaustion.

What can I do?

1. for flyaways or Frizz
  • Wash your hair with warm water.
  • Apply a 3 ml of coconut oil in your hair, making you a deep massage from the roots to the tips. Allows you to act for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm, almost fresh water.
  • Dry your hair with the hairdryer in the position never hot, fresh air and move it too near the hair.
2. for dark circles
  • Put two small spoons in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  • After that time, apply each spoon in circles at intervals of 5 seconds (applied-rests-applied-rests). Do it for 5 minutes and then makeup normally apply a good concealer with your skin color.
Your appearance is now Super!

2 not very made-up eyes and dark lips

Or one thing or the other. If we carry much eyes with mascara, shadows, pencils with and at the same time, we choose an uploaded color, such as red or brown lipstick, what will actually get will be put to our face 5 years more than we have.
The ideal is not to commit excesses and always look natural. So, always choose what you want to highlight your face. If they are the eyes, then looks for a lipstick light, a nude or pale pink. If you want that the appeal will focus on your mouth, search only shines in your eyes, imperceptible shadows that give you light, naturalness and freshness. You're Super!

3. Yes to the soft waves rather than the collected very radical

Crecer cabello
There are days when we get classic queue or picked up so tight, just stretching even our factions. Don't fall into something as exaggerated. You know that, in matters of beauty, is always more appropriate natural. That is why the hair with soft waves, is always more flattering to any type of face.
No matter If your factions are angular or oval, or if your face is more square: ripples always soften and offer a unique beauty to every woman. Cheer up, the waves are in fashion!

4. Beware of Rouge!

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Rouge always seems to be a critical element in our beauty rituals. If apply them evil, can give us the image of the classic doll of porcelain with pink cheeks. It must also be especially careful with the bronzing powders that are since which, if we don't apply them correctly, can be striking "splotches" that give us an artificial air.
Remember to use a good brush to smudge them properly. The result will be great.

5 cosmetics expire!

You have to go very carefully. Sometimes tend to store cosmetics and cosmetics in our beauty sets, without turning to those powder compacts or that spell to see what revocation date. You can take a big surprise!
And is a risk to your health, since they are products that we apply in our eyes, our skin and our lips that can cause serious allergic reactions. Do not make the mistake of your young daughters give these cosmetics that no longer use so that they play without looking before the expiration date.

6. Combs and brushes should be also cleaned

Do you usually clean your makeup brushes regularly? Or the scouring pads? Or your brushes and combs? It is very important! Everything that comes in contact with our skin should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to take care of our proper hygiene, avoiding the accumulation of bacteria.
Brushes and combs stored from dandruff to grease, so don't forget to also wash them with hot water. In this way you'll be caring for not only being always beautiful, but also your health. Don't forget it!
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