3 beauty tricks every woman should know

If you have split ends and you don't want to cut your hair, try to apply some almond oil and left to act the night
3 trucos de belleza que toda mujer debe conocer
Occasionally, we invest too much money on beauty products waiting for you to give us miraculous results. But there are great miracles. That is why we want to bring you simple so cheap as accessible, remedies for that every day that we need such simple things as look healthy and voluminous lips or a hair split ends. Do you want to know more?
We often have excellent allies for our care in the nature, in products such as lemon, sugar, Aloe Vera or avocado. Knowing them is certainly a great help which will give you good results in these basic needs of every woman, tips that you love to hear. Here we go.

Trick 1 beauty: healthy and bulky lips

Insurance that ever has happened. Get up in the morning and just when you are going to make up, notice that you have the lips dry and full of scabs. There are some as simple as economic remedies that will help you look a more fleshy, healthy mouth. Takes note of this beauty trick as simple as useful:
    • When you go to bed at night, look at you lips. If you notice those cracked and with these typical medium loose skins, need to get a lip balm or petroleum jelly. Once you've done it, it is the time to apply sugar. If the grains of sugar are much better.
    • It is now time for a small and soft massage on the lips. Thanks to the sugar will be able to exfoliate all that dead skin from the mouth. Once finished, cleanse the remnants with lukewarm water. Then again apply petroleum jelly or lip balm for leaving to act overnight.
    • In the morning, when you wake up, boil half cup of water with chamomile and massage the lips again. The water should be hot. In this way we increase the circulation and your lips will look more healthy, free of skins and with a beautiful tone.

Trick of beauty 2: Farewell to the open ends of the hair

Woman Examining Split Ends
Sometimes, we look at the hair we noticed that at the end of each hair, it separates into two parts. This is usually due to the use of the dryer, the effect of the Sun, the use of dyes and even poor nutrition for our hair. Get split ends disappear and thus increase the beauty of our hair is fairly easy. We just need almond oil.
  • Almond oil provides nutrition and has the ability to repair. You can also find it in your supermarket or pharmacy, and usually it's not expensive.
  • To clean up our tips without having to cut the hair must apply oil of almonds in your hair at night. The hair should be dry. Get a little oil in your hands and get a small massage in the ends of the hair. Then apply a cap or a scarf in your hair to pick it up yourself. If you see that this is going to bother to sleep, you can do it in the morning allowing oil rests on the ends of the hair for at least two hours. Then you can wash it as normal. If you do it for 15 days you will notice the difference.

3 beauty trick: healthy, shiny and without impurities

The beauty of our skin is the reflection of our health, both physical and emotional. Ensure that the skin on our face is radiant, undoubtedly requires good nutrition for our part, proper hydration and sleep at least 8 hours a day. Apart from this, there are simple remedies for specific aspects of our day to day:
  • Fade skin spots:

    Can get it through tomato juice and milk. To do this we take a tomato and extract the juice with a knife. Put it in a bowl and add a little water, so we remove its acidity so it does not irritate us. Now put three tablespoons of warm milk. Finally remove it everything and take a cotton. You'll gradually wetting it with this mixture and apply it you there where you have spots on your face. Leave to Act 15 minutes and then wash with fresh water. Repeat this at least twice a week and you will notice how stains are going smoothly.
  • Exfoliate the skin of the face:

    If we properly exfoliamos dead skin cells, our face will look more healthy, care and lustrous. To do this you can do it with a wonderful remedy: fharvesting and natural yoghurt. To do this, pick up three strawberries and put them into the Blender along with a yogurt. Get a good homogeneous mixture. Then ve applying you it in the face using a circular upward massage, from the Chin to the cheeks, from the cheeks to the bottom of your eyes, there where often leave dark circles. Do it for 15 minutes and then you clean with fresh water. If you repeat it 5 days in a row, your face will look healthy and beautiful.
  • Bring luminosity to the face:

    Thanks to Chamomile, we will succeed in reactivating the circulation of our face, adding shine and a higher tonacidad. It's a very classic and simple to remedy. You don't have to boil water with a Chamomile teabag. Once you have come to a boil, remove it from heat and brings the refrigerator infusion to be cool. Meanwhile, see cleaning you face with cleansing milk. The skin must be free of impurities when we apply the chamomile. Once the infusion is fresh view by soaking the cotton as if it were a tonic. You can apply it in circles, in the styes if you had... Chamomile relieves fatigue, reactivates the circulation of our skin, and gives us light. Don't miss this excellent - and economic - beauty trick.
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