10 healthy and cleansing ways of consuming lemon

10 maneras saludables y depurativas de consumir limón
The lemon is a citrus with many properties that benefit our health. Despite being acid, it has the peculiarity of neutralizing acids and therefore alkalize our body, which is a guarantee of good health.
In this article you will learn 10 ways to consume the lemon will help you stay healthy, purify your body and prevent multiple diseases: in syrup, such as dressing, in oil, frozen, juice, with its peeling, etc.
Medicinal food par excellence, the lemon acts in our body as a great cleanser of toxic substances, helps us to digest fats and to better assimilate the nutrients due to its high content in vitamin C.
Despite having a sour taste, the lemon has the ability to neutralize over-acidity once reaches the stomach, i.e. that actually acts like alkaline, which is a guarantee of good health. The majority of diseases are always developed in an acid medium.

In fasting

If we take the juice of half a lemon in fasting with one or two glasses of water warm will allow us to operate our bodies in the most healthy way, activating the intestine and avoiding constipation, which is the cause of many diseases in the long term.
Another alternative that will also act on our liver is to take in extra fasting a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of olive oil.
aceite y limón elle_ann

Dressing to reduce salt and vinegar

For those people who have to reduce salt consumption or not like vinegar, lemon is ideal seasoning, flavour power naturally. We can directly use the juice either prepare the lemon as spice dewatering it and spraying it. You can also mix it with other herbs (thyme, dill, laurel, oregano, etc.)
We can dress salads, meats, fish, soups and stews.

Remedy against anemia

Vitamin C containing the lemon helps us to better assimilate the iron containing foods, so if we suffer anemia or exhaustion will be very beneficial to us get used to dress our meals with a drizzle of lemon juice, especially when it is fish, meat or vegetables.

Antacid digestive

After meals, to avoid the heaviness or poor digestion, take the juice of half a lemon with a little water or a digestive infusion. In this case it may be an infusion of mint, plantain, cinnamon, etc.

Purifying drink

We will prepare a simple cleansing drink with the following ingredients:
  • The juice of two lemons
  • One tablespoon of pure stevia liquid
  • A pinch of ginger
  • A liter of water
We will take this drink, warm or hot, throughout the day, separate meals.
agua con limon DorteF

Antidepressant oil

Lemon essential oil is antidepressant properties. In general, all citrus fruits help improve mood, by which we can use it in an air freshener in the rooms where we are more hours or where work.

Frozen lemon

A good way to take advantage of all the lemon while it spoils consists of freezing lemon and go out during the day to grate a little pulp and skin in meals.

With the included peeling

If we get organic lemons we consume even its peeling, which is still more beneficial than the flesh, boiling it to make an infusion or grating it and adding it in the following dishes:
  • In cakes, pastries and biscuits: mixing them with the dough, or as decoration
  • Confitadas, cut into strips, sweetened with cane sugar and dehydrated
  • In vinaigrettes and all kinds of sauces or flavoring oils
limon confitado Chiot's run

Syrup up defenses

We surrounded the peeling with honey or sugar until reduced by half. We will retain this syrup in the fridge and you can use it both for the kitchen as a syrup for children and adults to raise defenses and prevent diseases caused by virus and bacteria.

Original and healthy cubes

To give an original touch to the cubes and surprise our guests: the water in the ice tray add fresh zest of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint.
Images courtesy of DorteF, Chiens ' s run, elle_ann, and Chugy
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