10 benefits of take a shower with cold water

If you do not dare to give you a whole shower of cold water you can start with warm water and go by lowering the temperature until you finish the bath with a Cold Jet
10 Beneficios de ducharse con agua fría
Water is a source of life that fulfills a role in our body both internally and externally. When we consume water we keep our body hydrated, look more beautiful skin and many functions of our body are made easier. However, the benefits of water beyond domestic consumption, we must know that the external contact with it also has many benefits for our health.
Shower is a health and hygiene habit we all have daily, usually prefer to do so with warm or hot water since find us it more relaxing; However is not the most recommended that found that cold water is more beneficial for our skin and some functions of our agency. want to know the benefits of showering with cold water?

It stimulates the immune system

To shower us with cold water immediately our body reacts by stimulating the immune system and this becomes stronger. To receive this benefit our organism will respond better against viruses and infections.

The skin looks healthier

Piel reseca
The cold water is very beneficial for the skin both domestic consumption and external. When we shower with cold water the skin tends to preserve its firmness and elasticity, otherwise the hot water makes the loose skincan dry out it and favors the appearance of wrinkles at an early age.

Improves circulation

For people with problems of circulation, cold water is a very effective since it promotes good blood circulation therapy, and help to deliver better oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Avoid varicose veins

Venas varices
To improve circulation and cause vascular contraction, the cold water helps prevent the appearance of varicose veins and visibly reduces them.

Relieves internal organs

Cause vascular contraction, showering with cold water is very good to decongest internal organs since this helps to toxins and impurities to flow towards pores and be released.

Calms stress

Estres en la mujer
Showering with cold water can help reduce stress and anxiety, however be careful as it can cause an opposite effect.

He wakes up the body

Cold water stimulates our organism, activates it, and alerts. We recommend a cold water bath to start the day and get rid of the feeling of tiredness, also for after the practices of exercise in the morning.

It has a diuretic effect

Cold water further enhances the qualities of the cleansing of the body due to low temperatures have an effect diuretic in the body, thus avoiding the formation of nodules of fat.

Helps against depression

A study by the University of Virginia, revealed that showering with cold water stimulates a part of the brain which is responsible for helping to feel happy and free of depression.

Maintains healthy hair

The cold water is very beneficial for hair since it avoids the dryness, high temperatures take hydration to the hair making it look bad aesthetically and unhealthy. The cold water is ideal to prevent dandruff and hair loss.

Recommendations for showering with cold water

If we are not used to shower with cold water it is possible that it cost us a little bit of work start to have this habit. To begin to take advantage of their benefits can go take the decision to adapt to the cold water and put it into practice too often.
  • The first recommendation is to start the shower with warm water and go by lowering the temperature of the water in such a way that we do not feel a sudden change.
  • With the passing of the days we can move from a warm to a colder temperature and so begin to have this good habit.
  • In winter it is also recommended to keep the good habit of cold water; at this time might cost us more work do it but it's very prudent to continue with the habit. However the person must not tremble with cold or feel with extreme cold, in this case the best thing is to opt for lukewarm water while passes the winter season.
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