White egg and its properties

La clara de huevo y sus propiedades
Egg white contains large amounts of water and protein, which are very important amino acids for the organism, also contains vitamins and minerals, among which we can find the niacin, riboflavin, magnesium and potassium, among others. Also has enzymes that form a kind of shield to protect the body against some microorganisms.
Many times is you has blamed the egg to increase cholesterol, which is not true, as the research has shown it. Which can actually increase the cholesterol may be high consumption of high fat foods, which are generally used to accompany the egg, these foods tend to be French fries, sausages, meats, among others.

Properties of egg white

  • Egg whites contain no fat or cholesterol.
  • They are rich in vitamin B, which is indispensable for the organism.
  • They contain good amounts of riboflavin, selenium, niacin, betaine, choline and folate.
  • Egg whites can be of great help to maintain a satisfactory feeling of fullness, which can be more effective than consume a large amount of some type of cereal.
  • Egg whites contain, in addition to all the nutrients already described, a good amount of minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, among others.
  • When performing exercise to gain muscle mass, egg whites are ideal, for this purpose the egg whites should be added to shakes that are normally consumed in the morning.
  • When you are going through chemotherapy, egg whites can be a good food because of the large amounts of proteins containing these.
  • Clearly as an effective home remedy to help heal and repair both injuries and broken bones have been used since ancient times, for this purpose should be applied topically on the affected parts.

Benefits provided by the consumption of egg white

  • Egg consumption is ideal in the stage of growth, since helps the proper development of muscles and also the mineralization of bones.
  • Egg does not increase cholesterol.
  • For its large amounts of proteins and vitamins, especially those of Group B, and E, it is especially preferred food for breakfast and especially after exercise.

Nutritional value of egg white

To better understand the benefits we provide our organism with the consumption of egg whites, we will highlight the nutritional values of the food.
100 grams of egg white can provide nutritional values:
  • 3.5 g protein.
  • Carbohydrates or 3 g.
  • Calories 49.
  • Vitamins: (105), B1 (0.5), B2 (0.18), B6 (0.06), D (1.8) and E (0.4).
As you can see, egg white is a very complete food and quantities of calories obtained are minimal. This is a very good reason to begin to include whites in the daily diet, both ours and the of our loved ones, with the security that we are providing them with a healthy food.
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