7 ways to detect in time and avoid vaginal infections

Frequent consumption of sugar or alcohol and remain in a constant state of stress could favour the emergence of a vaginal infection.
7 formas de detectar a tiempo y evitar las infecciones vaginales
As is the case in other areas of our body, the vagina can also develop different types of infections that can be quite annoying and even painful. It is true that many vaginal infections can occur through sexual contact; However, this is not the only cause, as also can occur with such simple things as using a public restroom, use a dirty towel or not having proper personal hygiene, among others.
It is very important for every woman to watch for vaginal infections and possible causes that can trigger them. There are several measures that reduce the risk of them and it is also key to know to detect them in time to give them a timely treatment.

How to detect vaginal infections?

Vaginal infections can be detected by taking into account some common symptoms that usually appear since it is initiating infection. Can be found among these symptoms:
  • Vaginal odor.
  • Vaginal itching.
  • Vaginal burning.
  • Pain during urination or sexual intercourse.
  • Flow abundant in green, yellow, pink, white, color with or without odor.
Any of these symptoms could be a sign of vaginal infection. Once the infection is detected is important to begin to fight it so that it does not become one major problem. Luckily, you also can prevent taking into account some recommendations.

How to prevent vaginal infections?

As we have already mentioned above, vaginal infections can be triggered by different factors. Luckily, If we take measures against these factors can significantly reduce the risk of this type of infections.

Use cotton underwear

Cotton underwear keeps your intimate area dry and protected. This type of fabric helps to better absorb moisture, which is the favorite setting of yeasts. Buy lingerie, verifies that at least the crotch area is made of cotton.

Proper hygiene

The daily intimate hygiene is one of the main keys to prevent vaginal infections. It is important to wash very well the intimate area with a SOAP that does not alter the vaginal pH. In addition, to swim, hygiene should be front back, since this way you can avoid transfer germs to the vagina. Keep in mind that powders, scented soaps, bubble baths, tampons with fragrance or deodorant 'feminine' they can alter your vaginal flora and may even worsen an existing infection.

Avoid wearing tight clothing

Usar ropa ajustada
The jeans or shorts too stuck together form a warm and humid, ideal environment for the formation and proliferation of bacteria and yeasts. Care should be taken to use loose clothing with some type of ventilation, such as skirts.

Properly dry your intimate area

Moisture is the perfect environment to develop and grow fungi. It is very important to dry the intimate area thoroughly before putting any kind of garment.


Wash the inside of your vagina with any type of liquid can destroy the "good" bacteria which prevent infections. This exposes you to a higher risk of infections and, in fact, it can make you more vulnerable to disease.

Improve your diet

A healthy diet is also key to keep away vaginal infections. Several studies have found that frequent consumption of sugar, alcohol or being under stress can trigger a vaginal infection. Therefore, experts recommend avoiding such things and choose to consume more water, fruits and vegetables to keep the urinary tract clean.
  • Foods recommended to prevent vaginal infections include: cabbage, spinach, pineapple, turnip and turnip, red Swiss chard, garlic, horseradish, parsley, stems of beet, dandelions, broccoli and citrus leaves.
  • In addition, it is recommended the consumption of yogurt, since it contains lactic acid, which helps restore beneficial bacteria.

Juice to prevent vaginal infections

This juice acts as a natural antibiotic to combat viruses, fungi and bacteria that can cause vaginal infections. Garlic match those produced by bacteria and fungi and, moreover, is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that boost the immune system.
  • 1 bunch of spinach.
  • 1 clove of garlic.
  • 2 tomatoes.
How to prepare it?
Wash ingredients well and then place in a blender with ½ glass of water. Processed everything and then drink it without strain.
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