What's behind the anxiety by eating?

¿Qué hay detrás de la ansiedad por comer?
Let's talk today about a subject which is not exactly easy. Sometimes spent times in our life that eat more than enough. And not only that. We do this by an inexplicable anxiety that forces us to nibble those snacks, go to the fridge at night when we should be sleeping, or to stop at the cafeteria that has those cakes so enticing...
Why do we do it? What is there behind the anxiety by eating? The food gives us perhaps that happiness which we do not find in everyday life?
In this topic we assignation to reach several conclusions.

Anxiety by eating or eating for anxiety?

"When I'm worried or have anxiety, I get to eat more". We are sure that you have heard this more than once, and it is even possible that you've experienced it. They are processes that develop, sometimes in vicious circles. To feel more anxious, we eat more but, at the same time, gain weight and see how changes our body, we feel even worse.
It is a very common problem that sometimes requires us to ask the classic question of "but I'm really hungry? "Would I'm going to eat this because my body needs it or doing it just for pleasure? or fill a gap I don't know very well how to explain?"
Well, first we have to tell you that the simple fact that you ask yourself these questions because it is a good thing, there is a clear intention of finding out what produces this behavior. However, there are who even poses and follows eating excessive way.
Now let's see what dimensions behind the anxiety by eating:
  • We could say that behind the anxiety by eating there always an emotional component, where the food becomes a way of obtaining satisfaction fast, enjoy a moment of something very sweet, of a salty treat, something tasty and rich in fat that fills us with and delights for a brief instant. Sweet drives us up the endorphins and is a small pleasure that sometimes covers those emotional problems.
  • Occasionally, relationship issues come clearly into these processes that we have quoted, there where the anxiety by eating raises us quite a few kilos. There are things that we would like to say to the other person and that we do not dare, there is a clear unhappiness that we do not know very well how to deal with... And instead of doing so, sometimes, we took refuge in food.
  • It can also occur that do not feel well with us, we look in the mirror and we do not like. This creates anxiety, dissatisfaction and, almost without realizing it, we started to nibble. Because that bag of chips helps us to not think, because those candy in the bag come well from time to time, because sometimes, when we can not sleep at night, well come to us stand up and take something from the fridge.
  • There are days when we get home with a lot of stress, with many concerns. We take a bath and he assails immediately, a void in your stomach that only relieves that pie, that jam and that snack... Sometimes anxiety comes into our life unless we realize and eating becomes able to relax everyday Act. It's that easy. At the moment we offer something to our stomach found some satisfaction and some calm.

How to control anxiety by eating?

Andar en bici
1. first, and obviously, the first thing we must do is to find out the origin of this anxiety. Is it work? Do you have a problem with your partner? There is something of yourself that you don't like? Perhaps it is time to take forces, be brave and take risks to be happier, to find us well. It is worth trying it.
2. listen to your body. Are you really hungry? You always ask this whenever you chop hours, because what is asking you your body is not food. What you are asking is that solutions to what bothers you and let you deceive him with sweets and continued pecking. Your hunger is not real.
3. breathe. Whenever you feel the void of hunger, make a few small relaxation exercises. Take air slowly, take your hand to the stomach and exhale deeply. Do this 5 times in a row and tries to relax.
4. consume appropriate things that take away you anxiety. There are very suitable foods for take away the anxiety, and that can be you really useful, as well as healthy for your body. Takes note of what are:
  • The oats.
  • The apples.
  • The asparagus.
  • The Turkey Breast.
  • The Greek yoghurt without sugar.
  • The spinach.
  • Infusion of dandelion.
  • Infusion of Passionflower.
  • Almonds.
5. salt to walk. Few things can be as therapeutic as give us a long walk of one hour outdoors. Helps relativize problems, to alleviate anxieties, to restart your heart and free your mind. After this tour, you will begin to see things another way. It is worth trying it.
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